Saturday, October 28, 2006

Views on way to Holy Kailash # 4

So far I had posted a pictorial story of Kailash Manasarovar yatra, and I am planning to describe the yatra in words day wise with less photos. Hope you will follow the postings in future also.

Cactus at 14000 feet.

These are some of the flowers in Chiyalekh the valley of flowers.

Views on way to Holy Kailash # 3

In the next posting we will see some beautiful flowers.

Shoe waterfall

A quaint brige on the route from Mangti to Budhi

Kali river in the background of Adi Kailash

Another silver streak waterfall

Friendship bridge at Dharuchula connecting India and Nepal across Kali.

Kali river in full flow

Another silver streak waterfall

Another confluence see the different colors of rivers.

Kali river

Pangla waterfall

Kali river

Waterfall hanging rock and Kali river

Mighty waterfall of Kali river

Confluence of Kali river and Tinker from Nepal

On the Indian side the trek was along the Kali river the natural boundary of India and Nepal and on both the sides we encountered lot of water falls. Especially during the first day of the trek we were bathed by numerous waterfalls of all type. Some of those for your view.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Views on way to Holy Kailash # 2

In the next posting we will view some waterfalls encountered enroute.

Karbyang - the sinking village

Budhi mountains gateway to valley of flowers

Nabhidang to Lipulekh


On way to Pithoragarh

Kainchi Vaishno Devi temple.

View of mountains on the Nepal side from Gesku village where we encountered a big landslide and spent the night in a shed.

View of Himalayas from Pithoragarh town in Uttaranchal

In the earlier posting we saw the peaks, in this posting we will see the beautiful mountains enroute.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Views on way to Holy Kailash # 1

In the next posting we will view some scenes of mountains enroute.

Sangrur Peaks on the Nepal side view from Gunji

Nilkant Peak on the Nepal side

Nag Parvat along with Nagini- Kalapani(resembles snake raising its hood)

Nabhi Peak -Nabhidang(resembles naval of human body)

These three peaks also form the juncton of three international borders of India, Nepal and China.

Naturally formed cosmic symbol OM- a wonder of Nature -OM PARVAT -Nabhidang

Trishul Peak( Resembles Trident , supposed to be Shiva, Parvati and Ganesh)-Nabhidang

Gurla Mandata peaks in China

Chiyalekh Pass -gateway to valley of flowers.

Indian mountain view from Lipulekh pass

Annapurna Peaks

Adi Kailash or Chotta Kailash - on way to Gunji ( exactly resembles Holy Kailash)

In this posting we will view some of the snow covered peaks which we pass while trekking .

Friday, October 20, 2006


Till now we had the darshan of HOLY KAILASH, DOLMA PASS, GAURI KUND, MANASAROVAR from the next posting we will have the breathtaking views of other peaks enroute to Kailash.

We get the first view of Kailash from Rakshas Tal only.

This lake was created by Ravanan while he was doing penance to obtain get the grace of Lord Shiva. These are some of the different view of the sister lake of Manasarovar.