Saturday, January 05, 2008

Kailash Yatra 2007-5

In this post we have the darshan of the south face(Akor )and west face (Satyojat) face of the Lord seen during the first day of the three day parikrama of Holy Kailash.

Darshan of West face ( Satyojat) of Lord

Darshan of South face of Lord from Yamdwar

the small peak to the right of Lord is Ganesha

(trinetra is covered by cloud)

Close up darshan of South face

( matted Locks and Akshaya vata the markings of rope when ravan tried to pull kailsh can be seen )

Darshan of South Face of the Lord (Akora) from Darchen Base camp

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Kailash Yatra -2007-4

Both these lakes lay inbetwen the Kailash and Gurla Mandata Ranges While Manasarovar stands for day, sun and brightness, Rakshas Tal stands for night, moon and darkness. The situation of both the lakes near by signifies that good and bad co exist and it is our duty only to follow the righteousness. 6 Km long channel called Ganga Chu connects both these lakes. Chiu gompa is situated on an isthmus between both the lakes.

Holy Manasarovar Lake

Rakshas Tal Lake

Gurla Madata Ranges ( Close up view)

GurlaMandata was the great grand father of Lord Rama. Since he did penance in these ranges it is named so.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Kailash Yatra -2007-3

From Nabidang to Lipulekh

( Last leg of trekking on the Indian Side)


( Naturally formed OM )

Nabidang camp and OM Parvat

View of snow covered peaks

Trekking from Kalapani to Nabidang

After a day's rest and second medical examination at Gunji

Trekking from Gunji to Kalapani

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Kailash Yatra -2007-2

Anna Pruna ranges on the Nepal Side

Third day of Trekking Budhi to Gunji - Chiyalekh ( Gateway to Flower Valley)

Budhi Maountains

Lamari ITBP Camp

( See the welcome posters have also become modern)

Second day of Trekking from Gala to Budhi
Kail River in full flow

Monday, December 31, 2007

Kailash Yatra 2007 -1

Shri Deshpande undertook the yatra thi s year (2007)these photographs are thanks to him. As he travelled during June you can note the difference in weather pattern. Those who are visiting this blog for the first time please go back and view the whole blog.

4444 steep steps from Gala camp to Lakhanpur

For acclaimataization and trekking training the yatri's on the first day of trekking trek from Mangti to Gala and stay there for the night. On the second day they climb down to Lakanpur through 4444 steps. From lakanpur they trek to Budhion the second day.

Gipti Check post

Gala Camp

(In 2005 as the yatra got delayed we skipped Gala Camp and proceeded directly to Budhi)

Mountain View with Kail River

Today we witnessed the Himalayan view from Gala to Lakhanpur.