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Kailash Manasarovar darshan (yatra) - 21

Fourteenth Day : 3rd day of Kailash Parikrama

( Trek from Zong Zerbu back to Darchen 12 Km )

The Grand view of Holy Kailash from Ali Road

The next day as usual we started our parikrama early in the morning Adroja couple distributed sweets to all of us , as it was their dear daughter’s birthday. We trekked along the sacred path among the mountains. Each blade of grass is sacred in this path which had been trodden by lakhs of devout pilgrims. On this third day we don’t get the darshan of Holy Kailash while we trek but the beautiful scenery of Rakshas Tal and Manasarovar and Gurla Mandata ranges we can enjoy as we trek by. As we trekked we saw the Tibetans women doing Kora, they do it prostrating all the way alaong the parikrama path and do their kora with great devotion . They complete the full Kora in about one month’s time.

Trek Route from Zangzerbu to Darchen

We can see all the forms of the Lord all his temples in Holy Kailash we chanted the holy five syllables if the Lord and trekked by the side of the Zong Chu river . My eyes swelled with tears in gratitude , that the Lord has chosen me also for His darshan. Also the thought of my son came to my mind this day, Lord gave us a son for a short while and took him back to His feet, may that soul had little karma left and he was born to us, as he passed away at a tender age he didn’t hurt anybody at the same time no body could hurt him. What is the calculation of the Lord we ordinary mortals cannot fathom His will. I thought that somewhere here only the soul who came as our son will be serving the Lord and watching me from somewhere.
Now cots are available in Zangzerbu camp

It was rocky path for most of the time and slowly we started descending towards the plains of Darchen. As we approached the plains in many places we saw rocks grouped together and Yak’s horn placed over them, and stone inscriptions from Buddhist scriptures placed on them. Tibetan’s believe that Yak’s horn bring luck to them, so in many of the houses you will find Yak’s horns on the top of the doors. As motorable road is there from Darchen base camp to Yamadwar, now there is road till the end of the plains on the end of the parikrama route also for about 5 Kms, those of the yatris who trekked where taken by jeep to the base camp and those who had employed ponies traveled by pony upto the base camp.

Glacier on the route from Dolma pass to Zangzerbu

We reached the base camp by around 2 o’ clock, we were accommodated in a different block during the return trip. We telephoned to our near and dear ones and conveyed the happy message of completing the Kailash parikrama successfully by His grace and that we will be able to contact them only after the completion of Manasarovar parikrama. After an arduous parikrama every body freshened themselves and also washed their clothes at the camp. Normally other groups or those who return early go to Asthapath for a close darshan of the Lord on the third day of the parikrama because on the fourth day was free for us as we traveled as a single group , our L.O decided that we will go to Asthapath the next day morning and will go to Ali Road that day.
Happily taking rest that the
Holy Parikrama is nearing completion

The Mumbai photographer has advised us to visit Aliroad which is about 18 KM from the camp to get the complete darshan of the Lord along with Nandi clearly. Our guide David arranged for a truck and all except a few left for the complete darshan of the Lord. We were not disappointed we could see full south face of the Lord from head to toe, what Vishnu and Brahma could not fathom in the days of yore Lord by His grace gave the complete darshan to poor pilgrims. We all fell at the feet of the Lord and thanked Him for this kindness. We got something which we have not asked for , for that we thanked the photographer also. Our L.O video graphed al the yatris with the Lord in the background. We stayed there for about an hour and chanted bhajans and chanted His holy five syllables and returned to camp and had a nice rest.

This fourteenth day was the day on which the Parikrama of Holy Kailash was completed successfully by the grace of Sivasakthi.

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