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Kailash Manasarovar darshan (yatra) - 28/29

25th day Darchula to Jagheswar Bus journey – 300 Km

This 25th day was a day of hectic traveling. As the Indian side of the yatra is taken care of by KMVN the tourism corporation of Uttaranchal Government normally they include visit two important pilgrimage places in the itinerary. Thus Pathal Buvaneshwar and Jageshwar were include in this year’s yatra. We left early in the morning and went to the local temple at Daruchula which is the local deity of L.O worshipped mother Kali there and then proceeded to Mirthi the Head quarters of ITBP.

At Mirthi, HeadQuarters of ITBP

On the onward journey we missed this place because of land slides, there ITBP commander hosted us breakfast and presented us with the group photos shot at Ogla. We all thanked them for their yeomen service and left for Pathal Bhuvaneswar the bus journey was tiresome after a hectic yatra .
Pathal Bhuvaneswar

In Pathal Bhuvaneswar there is a cave temple which contains stalactite which resemble many puranic incidents , the author has also seen many caves at different places but the formations here were entirely different and correlated to the incidents described after as visit to the caves lunch was served at KMVN Guest house . We left for Jogeshwar this journey was also long and we reached Jageshwar in the night and took a well deserved rest.

26th day Jageshwar back to Delhi

Jageshwar temple complex

Jageshwar also called as Dharuka Van, because of the abundance of Theva Dharu trees is revered as Jyotir Linga sthal of Uttaranchal. The main deity here is Lord Shiva as Mrrithynjaya ( The victor of death) and Nageshwara ( The Lord with Snakes) which is considered as the Jyotir Linga ( Linga of light) and His consort Aputhi ambal, other important shrines are Kedareswara, Annapoorani, Durga and Baduga Bairava. There are a total of 300 small and big shrines in this temple complex.

The Gigantic Davatharu Tree at Jageshwar

As we were told that the early morning pooja is at 3’o clock we all got up early and were at the temple for the pooja and witnessed the ablutions to the Lord we saw the big Devatharu tree whose circumference was about 5 mts and height around 90 mts and returned to the guest house and had photo session as we will be going to our respective places. Just as we left Jageshwar there was a slight held up at a village just oustside of Jageshwar we sat on the road and chanted bhajans, we were lucky that the road rook was lifted in about 2 hrs we continued our journey and reached Kathakodam, two yatris Mr Kanjan Chaudhary and Sharmista Dutta took leave of us as there was direct train to Kolkata from there. We all bid them farewell with heavy heart.

Adiyen with shri Tapaswi in front of Jageshwar Guest house

We continued our journey to Delhi and in between it rained heavily but when we reached Delhi the rain had stopped. We all stayed in Gujarati Sadan. Our L.O had arranged for our Yatra certificates and were delivered to us at Gujarati sadan. Most of us didn’t sleep that day night we were just going through the finer moments and the grace of Shiv Sakthi, in the morning the author bid adieu to all others especially Mr.Tapaswi who was more than a brother and Mr. Dhanuskodi and left for Chennai and reached Chennai.

With this posting the yatra through Indian side is complete. From the next posting we will see in brief the yatra through Nepal so that prospective yatri's will have a complete picture about the Kailash Manasarovar yatra.

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