Thursday, January 01, 2009

Kailash Manasarovar yatra - 27



23rd day trek from Gunji to Budhi

Holy Adi Kailsh

We started from Gunji situated among snow clad mountain peaks crossed the Kali river trekked through incense trees and had the fine darshan of Adi Kailash peak. We saw many flour mills which run on hydel power really we should admire the skills of these people who have devised their own methods as electricity is not available to them. We saw the confluence of Tinker and Kali river video graphed the return journey crossed Garbyang as the last batch(16th) has already left we didn’t meet any batch at Garbyang , entered into the beautiful flower valley and photographed the beautiful flowers ascended and then descended and worshipped Mother Parvati as the bestower of food to everybody Shri Annapoorna and witnessed the magnificent silver waterfalls flowing from these peaks and reached Chiyalekh and descended to Budhi , please do not travel in pony in this stretch the descent was really knee breaking but we trekked in a leisurely manner after taking rest in the rest places in between as we approached Budhi we witnessed a lot of apple orchards and we entered into the Budhi camp with a beautiful flower garden and enjoyed our stay at Budhi camp. Because of the Darshan of the trident weiding Lord traveling on Bull with His consort on the left side our mind has become pure and because of the strict regimen and long treks we all have lost lot of weight and our body was also light again we thanked the Lord for this good fortune of His darshan. Mr Mudgal told that we would easily gain weight in three months as we return to our normal lives. Unlike the onward journey we had a nice sleep at Budhi now on the return journey.

24th day trek upto Mangti and back to Darchula by bus

When we started from Budhi there was a heavy rain and we were informed that there was a huge land slide on the Nepal side the previous day and because of that some stones fell on the Indian side in that a pony fell into the Kail river with luggage and there is the possibility of fresh land slides or there may stones falling in between so we were asked to move in group and also carefully looking for any falling debris. As it wad raining we trekked slowly and carefully but the rain stopped in about one hour, but the route was slippery and overall the water in the waterfalls was less compared to the onward journey though it had rained just befor the start of our final day trek. But Kali seemed to be more fierce why I don’t know. . We thanked the ITBP personnel at Lamari, worshipped the Lord at Malpa and prayed to help all those who come for His darshan saw the debris of the land slide of the previous day crossed Lakanpur and reached Mangti. As we were nearing Mangti it started raining again it seemed as if the Lord blessed us all by sending Varuna. As Mr Mudgal and Joshi were having some injury to their legs they trekked slowly but they didn’t use the pony such was their devotion and determination. A mini bus was waiting for us with lunch . After everybody reached Mangti we thanked the ITBP personnel profusely, our porter and pony men also took leave of us they gave their address for our future use we settled their dues and gave some gifts to them also and distributed the remaining sweets to the local children and boarded the bus and left for Darchula.

While traveling back we remembered the places we passed, we were mentioning this is pangla water falls this is Gesku GRPF camp where we stayed this is the hydel plant and so on. As the monsoon has withdrawn by now there was no land slides during the return journey and reached the Daruchula KMVN Guest House. Took some rest crossed the friendship bridge and went to the Darchula of Nepal and returned back, normally the bridge is closed by dusk we were told and the police guard the bridge on the both the ends. During the onward journey as we were behind schedule and were in a hurry we didn’t notice that the KMVN Guest house is located beautifully on the banks of the Kali river. In the night we had a good bhajan on the banks of the river.

On this 24tg day we completed our trek journey.

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