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Kailash Manasarovar darshan (yatra) - 30

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra via Nepal - 1

There are two routes for Kailash Manasarovar Darshan . You saw in detail the yatra through India so far . Now let us see about yatra through Nepal in brief. In 2006 author’s friend, Mr. Rajeshwar from Chennai had the darshan of Holy Kailash and Manasarovar by this route and these are his experiences. The author thanks his friend for sharing his experiences and photos and also giving his permission to include them in these posts.

Pasupathinath temple

As already explained the duration of the yatra is shorter but the expenses are almost the same or little less. The main draw back in this yatra is that one doesnot get much time for acclimatization and many people find it difficult to do the parikrama of Kailash after travel by jeep. Only alternative is to do physical activities like running or jogging and also breathing exercises like pranayama and yogasanas well before you start for the yatra. Making it a point to have a complete check up of your whole body especially a TMT to avoid any complications on the Chinese side as there are no medical facilities available on the parikrama route.

Gompa of Kathmandu

Normally tour operators in India co-ordinate with tour operators in Nepal and make the arrangements for the yatra, You need passport and visa for yatra through this route also. Here also group visa is only given so you cannot leave the yatra in between. The visa should be obtained at Kathmandu. Indian citizens can reach Kathmandu either from Delhi or Bangalore by air.

Land slides are a part in this part also

For the first two days of the yatra the yatris stay at Kathmandu and the tour operator briefs them about the yatra and visa is obtained. They visit, Pasupathinath temple, Guhyeswari temple a Sakthi peetam, reclining Vishnu and Gompas in Kathmandu and do some shopping.

Friendship bridge connecting Nepal and China

On the second day the tour operator provides the yatris kit bag numbered for identification which contains a great coat, a face mask , and a sleeping bag, Walking stick was optional and has to be purchased by paying money. The things carried in a suitcase were shifted to this bag for transportation in trucks which accompany the entourage of yatris. As the bags are numbered the sherpas attached to each jeep took care of the luggage of the yatris so hiring of porters is not needed . My friend told that as there was a big group of yatris from Malaysia there was shortage of jeeps and because of this there was a delay in their departure and somehow the tour operator arranged spare jeeps and their yatra started on the third day of the yatra. .

Beautiful waterfall

On the third day from Kathmandu they started for Jangmu via Kodari by jeep in between there was a delay due to a land slide enroute and because of that there was a delay of four hours and they reached the international border late. He told that the Chinese officials were accommodative and allowed the yatris to cross into China by foot after dusk ( no vehicles are allowed to cross), the luggage were also unloaded and carried by sherpas into Chinese territory. After crossing into China they traveled in Land Cruisers to Jhangmu ( 3800 m) and finished the emigration formalities there and traveled to Naylamu(3750 m).

Four yatris traveled in a Land Cruiser, a driver and a sherpa accompanied them, some luggage was accommodated in the jeep itself and the remaining items were transported in trucks. They were accommodated in Hotels at Nylamu, the tour operator pays 30 yuans for hotel and if better rooms are needed the yatris can pay extra and hire them. He told that a total of 30 yatris from India and 14 yatris from Malaysia traveled together. On this day they traveled for about 150 Km in jeep and land cruiser. The fourth day was a rest day for them at Nylamu for acclimatization.

On the fifth day they left for Saga( 4450m) via Pekkucho they crossed Lapec pass. The journey was pleasant and the scenery was beautiful they also encountered lot of waterfalls on the way and this was the most beautiful part of the journey my friend claimed. On this day they traveled for about 12 hrs and when they reached Saga they were tired very much though the journey was along a River and they enjoyed the ride. There are lot of Chinese military establishments at Saga and there were warning boards asking not to photograph these installations. The tour operator takes care of food, cooks travel along with the yatris in trucks and prepare food and provide it to the yatris during travel. During Kailash parikrama also they prepared sandwiches and gave to the yatris, this was missing in our trip and we have to make to do with whatever snacks and chocolates we had. A bridge has been now built across Brahmaputra near Saga so they didn’t wait for boat which was the case earlier. On the sixth day they left for Priang(4600m) after traveling about 185 Km.


Kailashi ji. I was part of the 7th batch in 2007 - 7th July to 31st July 2007. I have posted some photos at


You can check this and may pass on the link to fellow yatris.

Shri Jagdish has left a comment as given above, the photos and the description are divine, I request all of you visit his picasa album also.

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