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Kailash Manasarovar darshan (yatra) - 31

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra via Nepal - 2

Vamadeva face of the Lord

On the seventh day they reached Hore and had the first darshan of the blue throated, trident weiding, snake bejeweled, Dancing Lord’s, south face. Then they traveled upto Qihu and stayed there in camps established for them. The camp was established using double decker tents and it has insulated walls and they were provided with mattresses and a sleeping bag and they slept inside that sleeping bag.

On the eight day they took the Holy dip in Manasarovar and did puja and traveled via Horchu to the base camp at Darchen, .

Akoram Face of the Lord

On the Ninth day out of the 44 yatris only 10 lucky ones undertook the Holy parikrama of Kailash. One thing should be mentioned here these private operators normally discourage yatris so that they do not undertake the parikrama. Another yatri whom I met had travelled twice through Nepal and he could not do the parikrama both the times and he applied for the yatra through India for parikrama. Some tour operators just show the video of parikrama and tell the journey is very tough and risky and discourage the yatris, some of the yatris who may be sick also stay back at Darchen still those who undertake the parikrama till they return. About 12 yatris who didn’t undertook the parikrama wanted to leave early but as only group visa was issued they paid lot of fine and then only they were allowed to leave China. Some eight yatris in their group stayed at Horchu camp not at Darchen still these lucky ten completed the parikrama.

Now let us see about the experiences of my friend during parikrama, out of the ten 8 trekked and two engaged ponies. On the first day there was no problem and they reached Deraphuk after having the darshan of Aghor (south) and Sathyojat (west) face.

Gowri Kund

At Deraphuk they set up their own camp and stayed there. As already told they were provided with packed lunch. They also stayed at the feet of the Vamadeva (North) face of the Lord.

On the tenth day they also left early as they have to cross Dolma pass that day, those who trek left early leaving the two behind, but the pony keeper did not appear, though he was engaged for the full parikrama and was also paid the full amount in advance , then my friend and his companion who were left in lurch, started trekking but luckily by the Grace of the Lord one boy came with two ponies and my friend engaged him by paying money to him, in between they met the old pony man but he refused that he was engaged the earlier day. Our experience was the same as language is a problem and we communicate by sign language only we feel cheated by these men because they do not listen to what we tell and most of the time they make us trek. Also since one pony handler handles around five ponies we have to travel on our own only. But by the grace of Shiv sakthi all the ten yatris reached Dolma had a nice darshan of Mother Parvati and Gauri Kund as my friend traveled in April Gauri Kund was still half frozen. As the weather was not clear they could stay there in Dolma just for 10 minutes had the darshan of Mother and her bathing ghat took some snaps and they descended down immediately.

At Dolma Pass

After successful crossing of Dolma Pass they returned back to Jhtulphuk camp for the second day’s night stay and returned back to Horchu camp directly after about three hours of trek on the third day. As they didn’t return to Darchen camp they didn’t get to chance to go to Astapath also. As they passed via Horchu on way to Kailash parikrama and returned to the same place they completed the parikrama of Manasarovar also.


Kailashi ji. I was part of the 7th batch in 2007 - 7th July to 31st July 2007. I have posted some photos at

You can check this and may pass on the link to fellow yatris.

Shri Jagdish has left a comment as given above, the photos and the description are divine, I request all of you to visit his picasa album alson and enahnce your divine experience.

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