Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kailash Yatra 2011 - 6

The sixth day of the yatra (13-05-2011) was a day of rest also a day in which they thanked the Lord of Kaialsh for giving His darshan, by conducting special pooja in the form of Rudra Yagam by chanting holy mantras to please the Lord.

This day they again had a holy dip in the Manasarovar and assembled for hommam and expressed their thanks to Shivasakthi in the morning and the homam was conducted ont he banks of Holy Manasarovar in front of the Lord.

Preperations for homam

Offerings to Shivasakthi

On the seventh day of the yatra to Holy kailash the yatris travelled to Darchen, this is the base camp for parikrama ( circumbulation) of Holy Kailash. As it takes three days to complete the parikrama of 52 km normally the yatris keep all their luggage at darchen and proceed to the important part of the yatra. Telephone facilitie are available in Darchen and there are lot of tibetians who sell artefacts.

Beautiful view of Holy Kaialsh from Darchen

The yatris today also travelled to Astapth the point very close to south face of the Lord . This is the place where first theerthangara of Jains, Mahaveera obtained Nirvana. So this place is holy to Jains also. From Asthapath you can have the closest view of the South face and also Nandi the vehicle of Lord Shiva.

The yatris at Astapath

According to Legend Nandi the mount of the Lord also is the gaurdian of Kailash, he only permits anybody into Kailash so he is also called Adikara Nandi . He is always present in front of Lord Shiva for His service. In kaialsh also he is there in the form of mountain.

Nandhi Bhagawan in full Viswaroopam

Yatra continues.........


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