Friday, July 08, 2011

Kailash Yatra 2011 - 2

OM Namashivaya

Meenakshi Thirukalyanam

On 08-05-2011 Shri Ravi and his group of yatris, visited the Pasupathinath temple, Guhyeswari Temple and Shri BuddhaNeelakntNarayan temple also known as Jalnarayan temple . You are seeing Narayan in His yoganidra in the following pictures.

Maha Vishnu ln yoga Nidra ( yogic sleep) 

This temple is situated 8 Kms from north of kathmandu at the foot of Shivpuri ranges. The vishnu statue of Budhanilakanta narayan was found buried in the ground in its original state. The statue is estimated to be thousand years old and shows Lord Maha Vishnu lying on the cosmic waters before the universe was created. Here one can see the the image of Vishnu reclining on the bed of thousand hooded AdiSesha dating back to the 5th century AD. The statue is situated in the middle of a pond and seems to float in water.

Vishnu is lying with in his four hands the typical Vishnu symbols like the on the picture clearly visible discus (chakra), left of Vishnu's head. The chakra is Vishnu's main weapon to fight demons and Sangu(conch).

According to Hindu mythology every major time area (Yuga) starts and ends with Vishnu sleeping in the cosmic ocean for millions of years. The universe starts (explodes ??) with Brahma being born out of the navel of Vishnu. After that Brahma starts creating. When an erea ends everything is sucked back into the breath of Brahma who dissapears again into the navel of Vishnu (implosion ?) and Vishnu will sleep until the next cycle .

Devotees worshipping Jalnarayan

The yatri's were given their kit bag and were briefed on the procedure to be followed during the yatra. Ravi told me that in the kit bag essential items were there. The great coat given was returned after the yatra was over. As you can see from the photos most of the yatris are aged. As lot of trekking is not involved in the yatra through Nepal may be many old people prefer this route. he also told that they were not given walking stick .

Devotees listening to the briefing

Yatra continues....