Saturday, August 06, 2011

Kailash Yatra 2011 - 4

The fourth day( 10-05-11) of the yatra is a rest day. Its not really a rest day, but a day of accliamtization ( adaptation to new climate ). As Kailash yatra is an high altitude yatra the body of the yatris should get accalimatized to high altitude as there is less oxygen in the atmosphere. So the yatris stay one day at Nilayam. Also if one gain height suddenly then they may get high altitude sickness like cerebral odema or pulmanory odema so to avoid this one day acclimatization rest is given at the start of the journey.

The yatris also use this as a day of practical trekking for the strenuous parikrama. They trek on a hill situated in Nylam. Here you can see Shri, Ravi along with his co yatri at the start of the trek.

The devotees of Lord Shiva

Up UP.. on the mountain

He has reached the top

It is always better to do regular exercises, yoga, pranayam, jogging etc one month prior to the start of the yatra so that it will not be difficult for you do the required trekking of parikrama of Kailash. as this one day trek willnot help you.

Beautiful view of Himalayas enroute to Lalangla pass

After taking one day's rest the yatri's continue their journey in landcruiser to Dongpa on the fifth day (11-05-11) enroute they first pass Lalangla pass which is situated at an altitude of 5124 m, have lunch at Saga( 4640m) .

Yatra continues.........