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Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 -4


  Gauri Ghat &Guhyeshwari  temple

After a fine darshan of Pasupathinath we left for the darshan of His consort Mother Parvati. This temple is called Guhyeshwari meaning secret  Goddesses.  This temple is considered to be one of the 51 sacred temples of Shakthi spread allover India. According to legend during the earlier incarnation Mother was born as the daughter of  Daksha she was called Sati nee Dakshayanai. She married Shiva against the wishes of Her father, enraged because of this   Daksha conducted a yagna to insult Lord Shiva.  Sati reached there and reasoned  with Her father not to do this but he didn't listen so to destroy the yagna Sati  jumped into the yagna and immolated Herself. Filled with grief because of the death of His consort  Shiva started His Tandava ( dance of destruction) carrying the body of Sati in His hand. To save the world and also to pacify Shiva, Mahavishnu cut the body of sati  with His Sudarshan Chakra. The body parts of Sati fell at different places these places are revered as Sakthi peetams( Seat of Shakti) . Guhyeshwari is    considered as one such Sakthi peetam where the secret part of Mother fell so this peetam is called Guhyeswari.     

On the way to Guhyeshwari

The Guhyeshwari temple is situated on the other bank of  sacred Bagmati river, and can be reached by walk of about 15 minutes. As Ganges is holy to us Indians, Bagmati is sacred to Nepalis and onits river amny temples are situated. On the banks of River Bagmati  opposite to Pasupathinath cremation ghats are there as in Varanasi.    On the way we had the darshan of Mother Gowri at Gauri Ghat the holy bathing ghat where Parvati bathed before having the darshan of Kirteswarar .  

 Suthar  worshipping at Gauri Ghat

Gauri  Ghat temple

Lord Vishnu at Gauri Ghat

Lord Hanuman at Gauri Ghat

Mother Gauri of Gauri Ghat

Bagmati River now being used foe washing cloth

As in any big city of Asia the Bagnmati River has also turned into a sewage because of the increasing population. Here you see the washerman washing and drying linen on the  river bed. This photo was taken by my friend Sundar who is a Christian by birth but he visits all the religious places, he accompanied me ti Kailash and had the darshan of Lord Shiva. He is also very much interested in Buddhism . 

Garuda panel of Guhyeshwari temple 

Ganesha in front of Guhyeshwari temple

Murugan in front of Guhyeshwari temple

The temple was built in the 17th century by King pratap Malla  and is sorrounded by a high wall. Non Hindus are not allowed inside the temple.The temple is sorrounded by many dharmashalas. The tower of Guhyeshwari also gold plated and is in the Nagara style unique to Nepal ,  a two tired pagoda,   with four snakes arching up to support the kalsasham of the tower. In  side mother is worshiped as secret part.  Also there is a small shrine for Bhairava. This temple also has one circumbulatory path. 

Newly weds in front of Guhyeshwari temple

It was an auspicipous day it seems there were many newly wed couples.

Inside  Guhyeshwari
 Saptha Mathas  (Inside  of Guhyeshwari  temple)

Flowers for Guhyeshwari

In front of the temple  offerings and flowers are on sale. After worshipping mother  we returned to Pasupathinath by  a different route by climbing up the steps on a hill  to reach the Goraknath temple complex.    There  are  11 Chaityas which  houses one lingam each, temples, images and sculptures  with Shiva imagery everywhere. Images of  Nandi gaurd everywhere  and tridents are dotted everywhere and lingams are found everywhere. 

Giant bell 

Beautifully carved door 

From the top of the temple complex you can clearly have the bird's eye view darshan of both Pasupatinath temple complex and Guhyeshwari temple. You will relish the darshan of  golden pagodas, giant Nandi, Shiva sakthi smiling a you, Nepal king worshipping Pasupathinath and the devoteess teemimg in out of temple complex.

The holy  yatra continues.  .   .   .   .   .    .

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