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Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 -10

Stay at Jhangmu 

Rain welcoming us while entering into China

As it was raining we took shelter in  one of the shops on the other side. We can exchange Indian rupees to Chinese yuans here in these shops also. You will get a better exchange rate here compared to what we get  in Kathmandu .  We converted the required amount in Delhi itself. After fifteen minutes of drizzle the rain stopped. We trekked uphill for about 2 Kms,   upto the point where our bus for the yatra has been parked. Thus we had some trekking practice. The road was lined up with trucks carrying items to Nepal from China. Though the road was a two way road because of heavy rush the traffic was moving slowly, rather the bus crawled. 

Trekking practice

Rest in between trekking

 View of Jangmu town

M/s Shreshta Holidays has offered us a bus instead of usual land Cruisers as the number of yatris were above 30.  This is possible now due to nice road laid by Chinese in this remote and desolate  part. By travelling in a bus instead of Land Cruiser each one of us saved Rs 5000/-. They offered a  35 seater A/C coach  Huger for the next ten days journey on the Tibet side. The vehicles in china are of  right hand drive  and many times  while sitting inside the bus we felt that the driver is driving on the wrong side. The coach had GPS facility also and the journey was comfortable.

A Hindu shrine of Jangmu

 Bhajan in Jhangmu Hotel 

 We reached the border town of China namely Jhangmu(2,300 m/ 7,545 ftwhich is also referred as Dram or Khasa . The distance between Kodari and Jangmu is about 5 Km, but  it took  about 2 hours for us to reach there. It's a customs town and is a port of entry for China. Our Sherpas informed  that as Nylam is full,  we will stay in Jangmu for the night and we stayed in  He Jia Hotel. May  be the rates were less so we were  provided accommodation here. This was a decent hotel accommodation we had  on the Chinese side. Three yatris were accommodated in double room. To conserve electricity the corridors has been fitted with proximity sensors so that when needed only they glow.  

 Jangmu Town

Narrow roads and high rise buildings

Nisha Pandey

As Jhangmu town is the border town it has a number of shops from which Nepalis buy all the items in bulk and transport them to their side. So the town is crowded all the time. The road is narrow and the buildings rise very high. The wealth of Jhangmu directly contrasts with the poverty on the other side of the border namely Kodari. As Chinese cosmetics are famous we saw many shops selling cosmetics and many many beauty parlors in this town. Almost all the hotels here allow you to cook your own food. So our Sherpas prepared food and served us in our rooms. We had a prayer session which included singing of Bhajans. 

Note the scale used for weighng vegetable

Chinese children
( Sundar is a specialist in photography)

View of Kodari and friendship bridge from Jangmu

Breakfast at Jangmu Hotel

Next day morning we woke up to a wonderful  dawn in Jhangmu had a nice bath( after this we had bath only in Manasarovar) and had our breakfast and went for sight seeing of Jhangmu town as the Bus driver was little late .We saw all sorts of shops selling all items in bulk, there was a Hindu shrine also in this town. As a port, Jhangmu Town is also very noisy and modernized with many grand buildings located on the high mountains. We saw customhouse, business bureau, factories, shops, banks, post offices, schools, hotels, restaurants and resident buildings arranged orderly beside the street. The bazaar is always crowded with various skin-colored tourists and businessmen. Walking here, you may feel like bees in a hive. Most striking are the numerous red villas topped with small gardens, aflutter with  multi coloured prayer flags and lucky trees, which add much color to the town.  

Our  Chinese bus driver.

Our Chinese Guide was accompanying two groups one was our group and another group was  travelling  using Land Cruisers , the guide and driver used to stay with that group hence the delay. Later we left for Nylam  for a day of rest for acclimatization for higher altitudes.

Chinese cosmetics

 Our Bus

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