Monday, June 03, 2013

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 -16

Lalung La Pass

The welcone arch at Lalung La pass

 Thousands of prayer flags on both sides

Amit Agrawal among the flags

 Our group at Lalung La

A vendor selling artifacts

Embedded Butterfly

 Semi precious gem chains 

Himansu with  Hmalayan mountain goat's horn

A bronze tiger

After about two hours of journey in this  desolate Tibetan plateau devoid of any vegetation and changing faces of mountains we reached LaLung La Pass (5050m).  La - in Tibet means pass, from Nayalam it was an uphill journey from here it  is downhill. The place was unimpressive with just a welcome arch festooned on both sides with thousands of multi -coloured prayer flags.  Tibetans believe that these flags in which are inscribed  mantras, as they flutter in the air,  carry the  benefit  of these mantras to the passerby. 

As we got out from the vehicle it was extremely cold and wind was also blowing heavily so that only there was  hardly any settlement nearby, only a vendor was selling some artifacts on a makeshift platform. Though we didn't buy anything from him,  we took  some photos of the ware he was selling. As the wind velocity was high we didn't stay for long, just clicked some photos and left.      

The onward journey from here was really impressive, clear blue sky with many shaped clouds , white  snow topped mountain peaks, brown mountain, red soil  and the occasional rivers formed out of melting  of snow made it an wonderful experience. Really we wondered why the creator has created such a beauty in this inhospitable place. We also felt lucky that we got a chance to witness this. Though there is no greenery as this is greater Himalayas and top of the world, this beauty is also worth witnessing. The changing face of the mountains was astounding, each mountain presented a different shape. Thus enjoying the abundant beauty we reached the junction of She-Sha-Bang-Ma  mountain road. 

This day's journey could have been described as below in four lines, Left Nayalam passed Lalung La pass the highest point in this path then saw the She-Sha-Bang-Ma snow covered peaks had lunch on the banks of Peiku -Tso lake and crossed Brahmaputra and reached Saga. But you would not have appreciated the beauty. As this is a blog and lot of photos are there this day's journey itself will run for another three posts.  

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