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Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 -17


Lalung La to Sheshabangma

Name on the mountain

Details of She-Sha-Bang-Ma peaks

Tibetan house near the Junction

                                                       Ornately decorated pillars at the junction

She- Sha-Bang_Ma peaks  

Close up of peaks


 Gupta, Anil ,  Mukhejee

Close up view of the Summit
(Sundar's photos)

 Grazing  Sheep

After Lalung La we proceeded towards Saga, as the friendship highway was good the journey was fast and smooth. We saw many herds of yak and sheep grazing in the plains, small streams  of water  formed out of molten snow flowing in between, names have been written on bald mountain backs. Later we reached the junction of  She-Sha-Bang-Ma peaks(8013 m). Trekkers start their trek to the snow covered peak from here. Special structures have been built and information have been given about the peaks to help the trekkers .  There are many  hamlets in between to cater to the trekkers.  We stopped our vehicle and enjoyed the beauty of the peaks from this junction and clicked many photos.

 The Tibet name She-Sha-Bang-Ma   means " Crest above the Grassy plains". The Sanskrit name is Gosainthan, which means "Abode  of the Saint" or " The Holy Place". It is  the only above 8000m peak in Tibet/China and is the shortest among the 8000m peaks. But due to its remoteness and inaccessibility due to restrictions  imposed by Chinese it is the last one to be scaled, though the climbing is easier. It was first scaled only in 1964. We can also many peaks like the Gowri Shnkar and Langthag Himal on the way on a clear day.

The hotel we stayed at Nayalam bore the same name and we stayed in some hotels bearing the same name. When we enquired our Sherpas abut this they explained that it's  the name of a saint who built many rest houses  for the Kailsh yatris. So he is considered a guardian saint and so many hotels and the peak has been named after him.

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