Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 - 23

Parikrama of Holy Manasarovar

The parikrama route  

Glittering Manas
Gurla Mandatha peaks 

Golden ducklings in Manasarovar
Sea gulls in Manas

River crossing on the route

 A Gompa on the shores of Manasarovar

 Multi-hued waters of Manas

Small stones are piled up as a prayer on the 
shores of Manasarovar and Rakshas Tal

One shore of Manas
Eti,  Ajay Kaushik, Suthar  Mookerji, Swathi

Quhu  Gompa

What a beauty

 Blue sky, white snow,black mountain, turquoise Manasarovar, different coloured birds and brown soil the creator has painted this scene with all His colors.

Communicaton lines upto Manasarovar

Another view of Manasarovar Lake

Part of the parikrama route is now converted to tar road

Frightened yaks

After the wonderful first darshan of the Lord at Hore we started the parikrama of Holy Manasarovar.  This day we traveled from Hore to Chiu  completing one half of the Manasarovar parkarama. When we left the sun was high on the sky and the waves of the Manasarovar shone like Diamond.  As we proceeded  we saw lot of birds in the lake including Golden Geese. Midway we reached  Rakshas Tal  the twin of Manasarovar , both the lakes area situated between Himalayan Ranges and Gurla Mandatha  ranges. The waters of both these lakes  provide a contrast. 

Later we  proceeded  between Gurla Mandata and the shores of Manasarovar and Sundar took close shots of the peaks of Gurla Mandatha ranges.  We also crossed the Quhu Gompa in which  we stayed two days during the earlier yatra. Thus enjoying the beauty of the Manasarovar we reached Chiu Gompa where we are going to stay for the next two days on full moon days. When we reached Chiu the sun was setting and the lake shone like a golden ball in that and the ambiance was really marvelous. The parikrama route remains almost the old dirt mud road , a part of the route from Taklakot to Zaidi is now a tar road.

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