Friday, June 14, 2013

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 - 25

On the shores of Manasarovar on Full Moon day

Beautiful Close-up  view of full  moon from Manasarovar

Full moon & Manasarovar

Moon's  cool rays illuminating Manasarovar

Night view of rooms 

Uma Goyal

Babu, Muruganandam, Suthar

Babu,  Himansu,  Suthar,  Mukerjee, Anil Kumar

On 03-06-2012  and   04-06-2012  night's we stayed on the shores of coll Manasarovar.  We were  lucky that on both these nights were full moon nights. A full moon day is always a special day at Manasarovar, because the cool rays of Moon illuminate the cool waters of Manasarovar and it's  a sight which one cannot forget, that's the reason why almost all the private tour operators schedule their yatra in such a way that one resides at the shores of Manasarovar on a full moon day. 

The air here at the higher altitude are rarer but it's pure here no pollution and we had a clear     sky and no mist and the view we got was really excellent. The original schedule was that on 4th we were supposed to stay at Darchen. But our Sherpas told us that as that  was the day of Buddha Poornima  and the day on which the Tibetan's celebrate Saga Dawa festival  we wll be staying here at Manasarovar which became another bonus for us.

On both the  days we had a excellent view of moon and Manasarovar which we cannot forget . It's impossible to capture that ethereal beauty in a camera you have to be physically present there to fully enjoy that beauty. The moon floating among thousands of stars on clear sky and the whitish complexion of Manasarovar waters was really mesmerizing. For the same one has to undertake the yatra once again.

You saw the beauty of moon in this post in the next you can see the beauty of sunrise in the next post.

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