Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 - 26

Early Morning Beauty of Holy Manasarovar

Dawn at Manasarovar
( Full moon is still visible )

                                              Fluttering birds  soaring above Manasarovar

Waiting  for Sun rise

Beauty of Early morning
Sun has risen
(See the fire ball by enlarging the photo)

Manas resembling molten Gold

Surya Namaskar

Some more marvellous  views of Manasarovar at dawn

View of Manasarovar at Noon

Golden hued Chiu Gompa , early morning view

Dusk at Manasarovar

Kaushik family enjoying sunrise

In the previous post  we saw the beauty of Manasarovar on full moon days. In this post we are seeing the beauty of dawn and dusk at Manasarovar. The color change is mesmerizing and you are drawn into a trance by seeing this wonderful metamorphosis. Blessed are the ones who get to witness this.  The beauty of Manasarovar changes minute by minute and it depends on the  weather and every minute is enjoyable. Equally beautiful was the dusk when the sun set on the west behind the hillock in whose cliff Chiu Gompa is situated. 

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