Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 - 27

On the shores of Holy Manasarovar

Darshan of Kailash from Manasarovar

Little closer

                                                          Still closer

The best view from Manasarovar

The Goyal family paying their obeisance to the Lord of Kailash  
                           (  Anil, Uma ,Harchit)

The board

Sun bath in a cold place 

Suthar, Punitha, Satish, Murugan

shadows are lenghthening

Nishta with a Tibetan child

Pradeep Kmar Gupta and Sherpa Sonam inside the room 

Siblings Nishta and Yagyang Pandey

Solar  inverters installed in the rest houses

 Birds are there every where 
on the shore.... in the sky

in the lake 

Beauty of Chiu Gompa situated on the cilff of the hillock 

Mahendra Kumar , Punitha couple

The elaberately   painted interior of typical
Tibetan house
( see the   vivid color and elaborate designs in the sofa also)

 In the Kitchen
Pankaj Gupta with a Tibetan family

Ajay Kumar Kaushik expressing his joy 

 Instead of stones, rocks have been piled up

Compared to last yatra this time it was altogether a very different experience and we were lucky to be on the shores of Manasarovar on two nights around full moon time. The beauty of which  we enjoyed. When we reached Zaidi where Chiu Gompa is situated on the cliff of a hillock , I noticed this time the number of Guest houses were around 20, last time it was only four, apart from that there were lot of yatris who were staying in their own tents. One thing is for sure definitely the no of pligrims taking up this yatra is progressing year after year. Here we were accommodated in a typical mud  guest house just at the foot of the Chiu Gompa. The lake was flooded with birds of all types and we enjoyed their antics also. 

We enjoyed the beauty of the rising  full moon and  really felt blessed as the sky was clear and enjoyed in full. The environment here is unpolluted and we could see we enjoyed he full moon accompanied with lakhs of shining  stars the ambiance was ethereal. As it is customary to chant  Lalitha Sahasranama ( One Thousand  names of Mother Parvati) on a full moon night, we chanted the same with devotion and prayed to Mother Parvati the daughter of Himalayan mountain that She should grant Her darshan at Dolma. 

In the guest house also solar panels are installed and there is charging facility also for charging the cameras and mobile phones, we noticed that the Tibetan's were also using mobile phone this is a definite improvement.  Noticed that a new board has been installed on the shores of the lake explaining the significance of the lake and we gathered a new point that the ashed of Mahatma Gandhi the father of our nation were also immersed in this lake.    

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