Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 - 29

Homam on the banks of Manasarovar

Ablution to Pooja deities

With decoration

Some more Pooja Deities

Preperations for Homam

Mrs Rashmi Mahajan lighting the Homa fire 

 Homam in progress

Poornamadah Poornamidam
Poornaath Poornam Udachyathe
Poornasya Poornamaadaaya
Poornameva Vasisyathe.

Meaning : God is perfect(infinite). This universe is also perfect(infinite). If perfect(infinite) is taken  from perfect(infinite) what remains is still perfect. 

Salutations to Lord after Homam

Ajay Kumar Kaushik the Yajaman of Homam

 Anil Kumar, Kausik, Punitha, Pandey
 Pandey, Gupta, Murugan

Kailash Kaushik worshipping Lord of Kailash with  family 

After the holy bath in  the cleansing waters of Manasarovar,    everybody assembled for the Homam. In the transit the  bag containing the pooja articles  had been misplaced somewhere, so  sherpas managed wood from somewhere and we completed the Ganesh Homam, Durga Homam, Maha Mrutunjaya Homam with all devotion, the Homam was conducted by Ajay Kumar Kaushik. Later we  thanked the Lord and Parvati for their benevolence in allowing us to have their darshan. Though clouds had fully covered Mount Kailash we sighted the Golden duck.  Later we collected  water of Manasarovar  and stones pooja at   home and to distribute to friends. Thus we completed an important ritual that day.

After we reached our Guest house our guide told that some Land Cruiser driver is ready to take us to Darchen for witnessing the Saga Dawa festival for 50 Yuans per head, as everybody was not in a mood to go to Darchen and then come back because of the tough parkrama the next day, only two yatris opted for the same and the driver started demanding 200 Yuans and finally the idea was dropped and everybody took much needed rest to acclimatize the body for high altitude.

In the evening the clouds cleared and we had the wonderful darshan of  Kailash from the shores of Manasarvar also. In the evening we visited the Chiu Gompa located on the cliff of the hillock. The view of Manasarovar from the top was breath taking. As this night was also full moon night we chanted Lalitha sahasranamam again and prayed to Mother Gowri that she cold grant her darshan at Dolma( we should be able to undertake the Parikama) and retired for the day without knowing what is in store the next day.

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