Friday, June 21, 2013

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 - 31

 Darshan of Akor face  at Astapath

Holy Mount Kailash, Nandi Pavat, Risabhadev's Liberation spot 

Travel in Land Cruiser to Astapad 

We walked about 3 Km.............

As the river was fully frozen

A stream from the river

Grass sprouted even in  snow

Goyal family 

Himansu, Punitha, Pankaj, Mahendra Kumar

 Ajay Kaushik

Eti Agrawal

 Himalayan Rodents 

First  darshan  of Kailash

Still nearer

Kaushik family 

Cloud  shrouded South face  

Slowly cloud opened up a little  to grace a nice darshan

The best view of the day

The face, three eyes, the matted locks and Ganesh are clearly seen

The vertical line is also called Meru Danda

Through which divine energy  flow into the earth

Ganeshji, South & East faces and Nandi

This photo was taken in 2005, during my earlier  yatra when the sky was clear and less snow

Kailash and Nandi

 Risabhadev the first Jain Thirtankar obtained liberation here 
( Brij Lekh Suthar)

Three in one 

Holy Mt.Kalash, Nandi , Rishabadev memorial

Hail the Holy feet of the Lord

Back to Darchen after a nice darshan 

Sundar, Babu, Vaishanav

 On 05-06-2012 morning after enjoying the beauty of Manasarovar laced with snow we left for Darchen the base camp for Kailash Parikrama. The snow fall was continuing still and except for the road every where it was snow and snow only, if it snows it will be difficult to perform the parikrama so we prayed to the Lord to grant us His full darshan we sang bhajans during the travel and slowly the snowing stopped and sun came out of clouds. When we reached Darchen it was a clear sky and bright sun shine. Our guide suggested to first go to Astapad and have the Darshan of the close view of the South face of the Lord and then proceed to parikrama.

He himself arranged for land cruisers at a fee of 100 Yuans per person and we proceeded to Astapad. As the river coming from the south face was frozen, they dropped us before 3 Km ahead of Astapad. We crossed the snow river and walked along the other bank and has the darshan of the south face of the Lord. As clouds have shrouded the face of the Lord  we waited for some time by the grace of the Lord the clouds cleared and we had the darshan of the Lord and again the clouds covered the Lord. Later we visited the sacred site where Jains first Tirthankara Rishabadeva attained  Liberation along with his disciples. We also got the darshan of Nandi Parvat. We prayed to the Lord for sometime with Hymns of Appar and returned to Darchen as we have to start parikrama that day.

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