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Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 - 33

Darshan of west face during snow fall

Full view of  Satyojat (West) face of Holy Kailash 

 This is  the darshan we got this year

Due to snow fall and cloud cover, only Nandi is seen clearly in the  white background of clouds 

Slowly we proceeded on the parikrama route .........
(Yagyang Pandey)

The mountains are laced with snow  
(Nsha Pandey, Murugan......)

Taking some rest in between ......
(  Amit Agrawal, Sujoy Hazra)

Snow covered peaks

The snow carpet on the ground

When we were trekking  in such a nice setting ...........
(Kailash Kaushik & Satish Kaushik)

Suddenly it started to snow

We trekked in the snow and reached 2nd Prostration point and had the darshan of west face  

 Holy Kailash Kora Map

The west face 

Everywhere  it was snow
(Pankaj Gupta)

We continued the trekking 
(Vijay Kumar , Rashmi Mahajan couple )

 Clear view of Darshan of west face Nandi


( As it was cloudy  we could not get these darshan but has been included to tell viewers that  what beautiful darshan we get on the first day of Parikrama, on the first day we get the darshan of all the four faces of the Lord, the photos which follow were taken during the previous yatra.   )

Darshan of West and North face

First Darshan of North face

We were trekking slowly and steadily in the gentle slope of the La Chu valley and there were lot of yatris from all the parts of the world as this was the beginning of the parikrama season. We noticed that all the  mountains were laced with snow as if they have been covered with silver as we ascended there was snow on the ground resembling white carpet. It was obvious that the snow on the higher reaches have not fully melted and there is still snow fall.

Thus chanting the holy five syllables we were proceeding and suddenly a snow particle fell on the hand and the whole body shuddered on the cold of the snow, we saw that it has started snowing, immediately we wore our rain coat and the hand gloves so that no part of the body is exposed to snow. Slowly it intensity of the snowing increased. But by His grace the wind direction was in such a direction that the snow was  hitting us from the behind and there was no problem in trekking except that the snow accumulated on us and it became heavier we used to remove the snow and proceeded, as there was no shelter any where we trekked like that still we saw some tents. We were very happy at last we got some shelter and entered into one of the tents.

That point was the Second Prostration Point from where we get the darshan of the  Satyajot (west) face of the lord. As it was snowing  and the clouds were shrouding the face only we could get a clear darshan of the Nandi and because of the snow the curves in middle of the face resembled bangles on the hand of Mother Parvati. As it was snowing we could  not stay there for long , had tea in the restaurant and filled our flasks with hot water and waited for snowing to reduce. The Lord didn't test us for long and the  snowing  slowly stopped , but due to snowing and constant movement of the yatris the route became slippery so our speed became still slower, as it was cloudy we could not get further  darshan of the Lord like combined west and north face. But slowly reached Darchen at the fag end of the trekking it became very difficult to walk and the porter pulled me to the tent.

Continue to come and have the darshan of the north face of the Lord in the coming posts. 

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