Monday, June 24, 2013

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 - 34

First  day Parikrama- 3

 Stay at Deraphuk

Wonderful complete darshan of Vamadev (North) face of the Lord

The bridge before entering Deraphuk 
(Uma Goyal)

Darshan of the Lord from the tent in which we stayed at Deraphuk
(Left side tent )

The tent

The clouds were playing hide and seek 
(The top of the Lord is hidden now and we were not able to see the snake hood of the Lord)

White carpeted mountains

The camp is teeming with people, yaks and horses
The clouds  opened up little 

But  it's  not complete view

Still waiting ......

A part of the snake hood is visible now

At last the Lord  graced His  complete darshan 
(Uma Goyal, Punitha Bharadwaj)

The Lord like rising sun
Flanked by Avalokeswara and Manjushree

Closeup view of the Head of the Lord 

Snow clad mountains

Amit Agrawal

Deraphuk Camp

The tent in which we stayed

(Inside the tent there is a kitchen and a shop near by, in the leaking tent about 20 yatri's stayed) 

 Sujoy Hazrz and Amit Agrawal

The new Chinese style toilet

By the grace of the Lord the snow fall stopped and we left for Deraphuk, the path was slippery because of the snow and subsequent constant movement of so many yatris, so we trekked carefully. But the Holy Kailash was fully shrouded by white clouds so we cold not get the full darshan of the west face and also the combined view of West and North face. But when we reached Deraphuk the clouds cleared a little and the sun was also shining and  we could get the darshan of the Lord.

After restng for some time we came out and had the darshan of the Lord, but we have to wait for sometime as it took some time as the clouds played hide and seek, we waited for some time and finally the Lord Graced His darshan and we felt very happy and worshipped the Lord and chanted hymns in praise of the Lord and prostrated before Him. 

Compared to the last time this time the snow was heavy on the Lord and we had a different darshan of the Lord. As the temperature and season changes the darshan what we get also changes, it is the decoration that nature performs to the Lord.

In the previous yatra there was only one mud house which could accommodate only 30 yatris, but now Deraphuk has changed a lot there were lot of mud houses and many tents like what we stayed and also there were many tents of tour operators. The Chinese have also built  toilets.       

Suthar and some more yatris trekked up and had the closeup darshan of the Lord, He collected Shiva Lingams from there and distributed to all. The tent wad having kitchen inside and also nearby they had a shp also. In the night we noticed  that a truck came with supplies for the shop and it is confirmed that  commercial vehicles are now plying in the parikrama route. 

Thus it was a very satisfying say of snow fall and wonderful darshan of the Lord.

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