Saturday, September 07, 2013

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 - 44

Saga to Kathamandu

Greener Saga to Nylam Road

Nice Tar Road

Serene atmosphere

Prayer flags in between .....



Nylam Town

Kodari Border

Friendship Bridge - Kodari

Waiting at Kodari for Bus

Happy playing Children of Kodari

Bus to Kathmandu

Saga is a garrison  town  and there are many military  establishments situated in this town. We got up early in the morning and  went around the town we saw many  school going kids in uniform and there were many nice hotels in the town. After  breakfast we left for Kathamndu, unlike the earlier day as the altitude was less the route was greener.  As usual the bus journey was pleasant we bypassed Nylam and reached Kodari around noon time, there was no problem in emigration we were cleared quickly. All us were happy that we are back from Tibet. But our luggage was retained there itself. Shreshta informed us that they will collect the same the next day and will deliver them at the hotel. We had lunch at Kodari and were waiting for the bus. During that time we watched the children of Kodari playing merrily and collecting  gifts from  the yatris.

The bus journey from Kodari was very slow because of heavy congestion in that route we recollected the places we passed during the onward journey, but here was no check by military as during the onward journwy. We reached Kathamandu at around seven in the night. We were accommodated in  Marshyangdi Hotel in busy Thamel area. After about ten days we had a full bath and had a nice sleep after an arduous yatra. 

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