Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 - 38

Gauri Kund and  descent to Lam Chu Valley

Snow filled down slope  from Dolma

Approaching Gauri Kund

 A Small lake near Gaurikund

The same lake as seen during  last yatra

( You can visualize how much snoe has deposited there so as to cover all the rocks nearby.)

Fully  frozen  Gauri Kund

 Emerald green Gauri Kund the bathing ghat of Mother  Parvati

This time we had the darshan like this 

Some get darshan like this

Anil & Uma Goyal  near Gauri Kund

Steep downward slope from Dolma

Murugan & Porter

Carefully getting down as the path was slippery

Porter who saved us

At last it's Lam Chu valley

 Different shapaes of mountain

The valley was also covered with snow 

The other side of the slope from Dolma to Lam Chu valley was also covered fully with snow so we trekked carefully, the  fresh snow has melted and the hardened snow was still there and because of the movement  iot has become very slippery, it was difficult to get down and we followed those descended  first.

By chance I noticed that we are near to Gauri Kund, during normal times no body get down to  Gauri Kund as it is situated at a steep down slope from Dolma. Also there as likely hood of rocks falling from the top  Because of such heavy snow as the rocks were covered with snow  we easily passed near Gauri kund and prayed to Mother Parvati for having given a wonderful oppurtunity to pass near Her bathing Ghat.

 We ambled along carefully,  have to see for some rock face and place the feet  across the rock and then carefully get down step by step. Most of the time the porter boy used to indicate the safe rock where we can place put feet. All of us fell many times because of the slippery snow.  At one fall both myself and porter started sliding down uncontrollably and luckily another porter saved us and He seemed to me like Lord Shiva himself. 
Thus we treaded carefully and slowly and descended into Lam Chu valley. For a small distance the valley was also smeared with snow and hen the route became alright. As we had reached the plains and it was soil there was not much problem but only the distance seemed longer because of the tough climb and equally tougher descent. 

During our trek Lam Chu valley we had another nice darshan we will about that in the next post.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 - 37

Dolma Pass

 Prayer flags covered with snow   

Dolma Pass the abode of Maa Parvati

 This is the highest point in the whole yatra 
and hence so much snow


A foreign tourist group at Dolma 

 Suthar and Amit Agrawal

Poter, Murugan,Himansu,Suthar, Sujoy Hazra, Amit

Our Organization's flag

At the feet of Mother

 Suthar  & Himansu

 Amit Agrawal showing the victory sign

Slowly and steadily everybody climbed the slippery snow clad mountain and reached Dolma Pass. This is the tallest   point   in the  who;e yatra and hence oxygen is very less and  weather changes very rapidly so rthe  are advised not to stay at Dolma for long. So we prayed to Mother Parvati for having allowed us to have Her darshan and  started our journey  down slope almost immediately.  

One thing flashed in my mind seeing thousands of devotees that day, there is a proverb proverb in English " Faith can move mountains", but here the Lord in the form of mountain was moving thousands of His faithfuls and grants all their wishes and also liberates them from this cycle of birth and death and grants salvation. The downward journey was still more thrilling read about the same in the next post.