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Holy Yatra to the Abode of Lord Shiva -8


On the fifth day of the yatra after a day's rest for acclimatization to high altitude and trekking practice we traveled from  Nylam to Old Dongba  and stayed there. It was a memorable trip from Nayalam to Old Dongba, in the "Friendship Highway" between we crossed La Lung La pass the highest in this stretch. In between it was a feast of snow covered peaks. Azure lakes, sand dunes and the Brahmaputra River. It's not a drive on highway of the plains but a travel in the half desert mountains in unfavourable conditions. 

A Halt in between for adjusting time

As the  Chinese Govt. had restricted the no of passengers per bus , it has also imposed speed restrictions also. The time between one Check-post to other is fixed if the vehicle reaches earlier than the stipulated time. The driver will be fined, so the drivers normally stopped the vehicles at unscheduled places, this is one such place.

A tiny tot from a nearby hamlet

As soon as the bus stopped a small boy ran and came near the bus and started taking alms.

A quaint Tibetan hamlet

The group of drivers and Police men

We crossed the La Lung La pass (5100 mt )which is the highest point in this stretch and reached the pleatue which is called as the "Roof of the World" . AS the weather was not clear we didn't stop in between. We passed by quaint Tibetan settlements, prayer mounds with coloured prayer flags in between we saw herdsmen grazing their yak and sheep flocks on the slopes of the mountains. The road was lines with electrical poles on one side and telephone poles on the other side. Also Solar towers for lighting can be seen in all the villages. 


 Friendship Highway 

Snow covered peaks of She Sa Pang Ma Ranges

We were treated to the wonderful sight of the snow covered peaks of She sa Pang Ma peaks. This is only peak in Tibet which is above 8000mt but one of the shortest peaks in this category. Many Europeans visit Tibet to conquer this peak. We saw many of them cycling freely on our way to Dongba.

Paiku Tso Lake

On the one side of the road it was the mighty snow covered mountains on the other side it was azure lakes. This is " Paiku Tso" lake which is salt water lake.

In between some part of the Highway was the old mud road

The mighty Brahmaputra River 

On the banks of River Brahmaputra

After the pass, mountains and lakes we had lunch on the banks of  Brahmaputra   River. On the other bank is situated Saga town which houses many  Chinese military establishments. 

Our group

Lunch on the banks of the river

Some more snow covered peaks

                                                           The Guesthouse where we stayed


After a wonderful journey with tall snow covered peaks as the back drop in the asphalted roads that stretched into eternity and passing by some of the most scenic views on the planet for about 500 Km we reached "Old Dongba" our destination on this 5th day of our Holy yatra.

As per schedule we should have been on the shores of Holy Manasarovar Lake on this full moon day because of the huge land slide which swallowed the road and converted the Bote-Kosi River into a lake and unscheduled stay at Thathopani we were delayed by one day and we were at Dongpa on the full moon day. 

The beauty of Guesthouse on the full moon day

As in any town in Tibet now we saw frenetic construction activity in Dongpa also. Instead of mud cakes they were using cement Hollow blocks for construction of buildings now.

Prayer flags

                                                                                                The  Holy yatra continues . . . . . . . . .

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