Thursday, February 12, 2015

Holy Yatra to the Abode of Lord Shiva -10


At the sight of the Gurla Mandata peaks  we were  very much excited and were waiting for that moment  when we will have the first darshan of the Lord. 

Within some minutes the driver stopped the vehicle at a place called Tokchen and told here is Kailash.  We had the wonderful darshan of the Lord. There was no  cloud cover and  the view  was breathtaking. We had the view of the south and east faces of the Lord we were mesmerized by the  view. 

The first darshan of the Lord 

See how  perpetual snow covered  Holy  Kailash peak Lords over the sorrounding mountain ranges  as if the Lord and Mother are sitting on their majestic throne and    saving their children

Everybody was in an excited state at the darshan of the Lord. We prostrated and prayed to the Lord in their own way. The purpose for which everyone undertook the yatra got fulfilled that day. Time stoos still and we assimilated the fine darshan that the compassionate Lord  Shiva gave that day. 

Offering  prayers to the Lord

During the 2012 yatra we saw that a building was shaping at Tokchen in  2014 a glass panelled  majestic building  was there, but there were also many changes at this place which seves as the entry point for Manasarovar and Kailash.

The excellent darshan of  Lord shiva 

The main change we noticed here is both the Manasarovar and Kailash region is fully now in the control of the army. All along the way there were checkposts here at Tokchen we were asked to leave the bus in which we were travelling and were transferred to a  luxury bus of the Tibet Govt. 

The majestic building at Tokchen and the luxury bus 

The building serves as a resting point and also as a museum of sorts in which one can learn many things about  Kailash and Manasarovar. Particularly one panel depicting both RakshasTal and Manasrovar and the routes of  Outer Parikrama, Inner Parikrama  and Nandi Parikrama was very informative. It also containes an emergency no which one can contact for any assistance. Ambulances and military vehicles are ubiquitous all along the route. These are all improvements but the control is also there.  

After the prayer and some rest we started our parikrama of Manasrovar by the luxury bus of the Tibet Govt. at the entry point all our luggage were scanned by  X-ray machine.  

The building on the shores of Manasarovar

The interior of the building
 the panel  detailing the details of Kailash and the twin lakes

Rest before the  start of parikrama

The luxury buses

Thus the first darshan of the Lord was fantastic please wait to know how the remaining parts of the yatra unfolded. 

                                                                                              The  Holy yatra continues . . . . . . . . .

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