Monday, February 23, 2015

Holy Yatra to the Abode of Lord Shiva -12

Holy Bath in Manasarovar

Gowri Shankar Darshan 

The bus driver stopped the vehicle at a nice place where the water was crystal clear just at the feet of the Gurla Mandata peaks. The sherpas readied the shelter for dress changing and we all had the holy dip in Lake Manasarovar. One of the duties of a Kaialsh yatri is the holy dip in this lake and by the grace of Shivasakthi we could complete the same. The water was crystal clear at that place and the weather was also sunny and so we had a nice leisurely bath in Manasarovar. 

Getting ready for the Holy bath

The Holy bath 

A Holy bath in Manasarovar rids one of all His previous sins and they reach the Shivaloga all of us were blessed by the Lord that we could bath in the Holy water. 

Prayer to the Lord 

Shri Elangovan,  Kumaraswamy and Muruganandam  

 Parvathy and Jagadeesan 

Balasubramanian and Sujatha

Janarthanan  and Suganthi 

Sudhakar and Ramakrishanan 

After the bath in Manasarovar we all offered prayers to Lord Shiva for His Kindness in granting His darshan 

Offerings to the Lord

As we were taking bath cloud cover hid the Lord, we prayed to the Lord by chanting His hymns and sounded the conch, by His grace the cloud cover opened up as if a door was opened and we had the full darshan of the Lord and offered camphor lighting to Him. 

Radharaman, Rhama 

Chinnapappaiah, Chandra, Nagammal Kumari 

 Ramesh, Sekar, Revathy, Kalavathy, Malliga

Our group at Manasarovar 

After the holy bath and prayers to the Lord we again boarded the bus and travelled towards Zaidi our stay for the next two days. In between we enjoyed the beauty of Rakshas Tal also. The islands in this lake was clearly visible that day. By evening of the day we reached Zaidi and stayed there.
                                                                                               The  Holy yatra continues . . . . . . . . .

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