Sunday, February 01, 2015

Holy Yatra to the Abode of Lord Shiva -9

Old Dongba to Manasarovar 

On the 6th day of the yatra we travelled from Old Drongpa to Manasarovar. Had the first darshan of the Lord and took the holy bath in Manasarovar. 

Designs on the mountains ( The left one resembles OM symbol)

Sand Dunes 

As the rainfall in this top  of the world is scanty, it is a mountain  desert  hence we can witness sand dunes all along the way as in  any desert along with snow covered peaks and lakes which are formed from the melting waters of snow.. 

Some of our group members 

In the background you see the snow covered peaks of Daulagiri ranges. 

To adjust time there were many halts on the way in one of there stops we were in front of the Daulagiri ranges these photos were taken there. 

The Highway in which we travelled this day

It was a long journey this day also we started from Old Dongba crossed Prayang which usede to a halting place earlier and travelled further. First Daulagiri ranges gave company to us. There were vast fields with little grass on the both sides and occasionally we saw herds of Sheep and Yaks grazing . There was hardly any human settlement.  

                                                                                A beautiful arch on the way       

A meadow 


Grazing sheep 

Different shapes of snow covered peaks

On the route at a check post just before the entry into Kailash Manasarovar area,   the checking was very strict. It took about teo hours to clear that hurdle. Everyone's passport was also checked. As already mentioned  every check post is fitted with CCTV cameras for  survillience. In this particular check post they had set up a camouflaged tent  which is not visible easily and were watching the vehicle movement. After crossing the check post we had our lunch. 

Tiresome bus journey 

 After sometime the peaks of Gurla Mandata came into sight. immediately we realised that we are nearer to Manasarovar and were waiting for that moment. It arrived shortly. The driver stopped the vehicle at Tokchen and told have a nice darshan. Yes we had a nice first darshan of the Lord.  Please wait for the nest post to have that darshan. 

                                                                                               The  Holy yatra continues . . . . . . . . .

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