Sunday, April 05, 2015

Holy Yatra to the Abode of Lord Shiva -18

First Day's Parikrama - 3 

Darshan of the  Vamadeva (North) face of the Lord

The parikrama route 

Restaurants along the route 

After the enthralling darshan of the Lord at Second Prostration point we took some rest had our lunch and continued our parikrama. The route was near plain  we could not get the full view of the Lords  face as He was shrouded  by cloud. But slowly we trekked chanting the Holy five syllables.  

West and North faces( Because of cloud cover the faces are not clearly visible) 

Along this stretch some  things happened which is worth mentioning here.  On the way one obese yatri was  struggling to walk even with the help of two porters. He requested us to relinquish the pony and help him. When the pony was offered he could not clinch deal as the pony handler wanted more money so we left. Again after some time one of our Co-yatri was facing the same problem , you can  easily  guess that  he was also obese. We gave the pony to him and started walking. The importance of fitness and  body mass index less than 27 which is insisted by Govt. can be fully understood from this episode. If you are obese pl. hire a pony though it will cost you otherwise you will face problem.

An exotic Himalayan small bird 

Darshan of the North face of the Lord 


While we were trekking suddenly a dog appeared from nowhere it was somewhat different in its appearance and started walking along side  us for some time and ran away. What was its significance we didn't realize then  but when we completed the parikrama only the real significance became clear to us. Are you curious to know the secret follow us till the end of parikrama and you will know. 

Darshan of south face from the rest house in which we stayed

Darshan of the Lord inbetween Vajrapani and Avalokitheswara 

The rest house in which we stayed


Close up view  of the North face

The weather was changing faster and black clouds started gathering and cold also increased it was difficult as we were approaching Deraphuk to walk as it was uphill. but we hastened our pace and reached Deraphuk it started snowing and we scurried to a nearby tent and took shelter there. It snowed heavily for about half an hour. In the next post we will enjoy the beauty of a snow covered mountain. 

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