Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Holy Yatra to the Abode of Lord Shiva -19

First Day's Parikrama - 4 

Darshan of the  Vamadeva (North) face of the Lord after snow fall

Darshan of Kailash from rest house at the time of snow fall 

Cloud cover has completely  covered  Kailash 

As it started snowing suddenly many were caught unaware and got drenced as they were not carrying the rain coat with them. Three yatris of our group didm't turnup at our camp after the snow fall has ceased also. We were worried, but through cellphone we contacted then and were happy to hear from them they have been rescured by the rescue vehicle and are safe and will reach the camp in the morning. 

Part Darshan after the cloud cover clears  

Many improvements have taken place now on the Chinese side, first one is all weather asphalt road form border up to Darchen. Infrastructure improvement on the way. Cell phone towers and electricity is now available now all along the way. One rescue vehicle and ambulance is patrolling the parikrama route nowadays to help the yatris in distress. Pony men were now conversing with their cell phones and listen ti music using them. 

நந்தியெம்பெருமான் போல் தோற்றமளிக்கும் மலைப்பகுதி 

The only thing that has not changed is the toilets. Though they have built some toilets in between they are not suitable  for our use and most of used open air only. 

Some Close-up shots of North face of Kailash

As usual with the private tour operators this  group of Sherpas also dissuaded us not to proceed further reasoning that the  weather may be worse in Dolma.  Some us were not inclined to do so because as this was the Chinese  horse year  one parikrama in this year is equivalent to twelve normal parikramas. They somehow tried to convince us to drop the parikrama. We were not convinced and told them let us decide in the morning after watching if there is further snowing during the night and early in the morning. 

In the morning also they tried the same thing  and went to the extent of threatening us we will not accompany you and if anything happens enroute you will be wholly responsible. To this one us replied that as we have come here with great financial difficulty and may not get another chance  we want to proceed with the parikrama and if any untoward thing happened in between they need not do anything and simply throw the body in the abyss, ultimately they agreed. Only 7 yatris opted for the parikrama others decided to go back. 

Deraphuk Gompa

Almost all the private tour operators employ this technique of discouraging the yatris from completing the parikrama though at the time of booking they promise that they will take you for the parikrama. After the completion of the yatra when we approached our tour operator and  told them about this they told nonchalantly that they just collect money and after taking their commission they simply hand over to the Nepalese tour operator and they only decide what they want to do.  They didn't had any remorse that they have prevented so many yatris from completing the parikrama after promising the same at the time of booking for the yatra.. 

Only seven of us left for Dolma, if you want about the fate of   how the parikrama ended and what was the experience of those returned from Deraphul, please follow the posts. 

                                                                                                                                                                    Yatra  continues  . . . . . . 

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