Friday, July 17, 2015

Mukthinath Yatra - 9

Phewa Lake

Boat trip in the lovely Phewa Lake is the foremost attraction of Pokhara. Paddling out into the middle of the lake is a nice way to spend a quite afternoon. Phewa lake is the largest lake in Pokhara valley and the second largest lake in Nepal. Encircled by Sarangkot and Kaskikot hills, the lake holds a pagoda-style temple. Another attraction is the reflection of Mount Machhapuchhre and Annapurna range on the crystal clear water of the lake. .

Boats in the Phewa lake  

Enjoying  a Boat ride in Phewa lake 

As this is the main attraction in this city there are lot of restaurants and guest houses on the shores of the lake. One can sit on the benches and watch the changing face of the Annapurna peaks, also go around the lake by walk leisurely  or cycle the lake. One can also enjoy boating in the lake and visit the Tal  Varahi temple situated in the middle of the lake. Thus there is something or the other for every tourist. 

Tal  Varahi temple in the middle of the lake 

A kingfisher on the roof of the Varahi temple              

As lot of Europeans visit Pokhra the safety standards are high, there is watch tower, speed boats for rescue are there and every tourist is asked to wear life jackets before boating and they do not overload the boats. There are all types of boats available we employed the mechanized boat  and had a small round in the lake visited the Lake Varahi temple where the boat stopped for about 10 minutes and returned back. It started raining and so cut short our visit and returned to the hotel.  

 Beauty of the lake at dusk

Thus we completed teh tour of pokhra hurriedly in half a  day. 

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