Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kailash Yatra via Nathu La pass -2

Journey on the Indian side

After completion of the medical examination and other formalities in New Delhi the group left on 04.08.2015 to Bagdogra in West Bengal by flight and from there they  traveled by bus  to Gangtok, capital of Sikkim.  The yatra through this route was co-ordinated by Sikkin Tourism Corporation. I.T.B.P took care of the security and also extended all the help to the yatris. 

Nageshwar singh  and Nachiappan 

he was 

The Guest house at Gangtok 

Mr singh told that it was a wonderful pilgrimage and didn't feel any strain during the yatra. Everything was planned very well;  because of the proper rest in between all were acclimatized  well before the start of parikrama and they could complete the same   without any difficulty.  

Chardham temple at  Gangtok 

This time the Chinese provided cooks also to the group . Three cooks accompanied them and there were comfortable with the food provided during the yatra.  This time they provided plates and glasses also.  The Chinese Govt. also provided them with three buses  though there only 50 yatris.  So the full pilgrimage  was very much comfortable.   Only shortcoming was the accommodation provided, at many places it was temporary accommodation,  may be as this was the first time  there were no permanent accommodation available, things may improve with time. 

A tea estate on the way to Nathu La Pass

 Waterfalls on the way  

Even before the yatra started they formed a Whatsapp group in which all the yatris and their family members were included, they also took a international SIM common to the group through which they shared the progress of the yatra which was a boon the worried family members.  

The  road among greenery 

With rain inbetweeen iy was a nice journey

Overall it was a exhilarating, soul comforting surreal,   wonderful pilgrimage and my friend was very much satisfied by the opportunity provided by the Lord of Kailash.   

Yatra continues .......

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