Friday, October 02, 2015

Kailash Yatra via Nathu La pass -3

Travel on the Chinese side -1

First day's journey on the Chinese side

For their stay  on the Chinese all the ration were procured here only and they were transported in trucks. Five cooks accompanied then also a Co-ordinator of Sikkim Tourism and a Chinese guide accompanied them.  For 51 pilgrims the Chinese provided 3 buses so they travelled comfortably. The road was  a tar road with nil traffic but only they travelled an average of 450 Km eaxch day. 

Greenery ot lower altitude

Crossing of Nathula Pass itself  was an unique experience expressed my friend. There were seperate gates on both the borders and the pilgrims entered Chinese side they were intently watched by the guards. Photography was not allowed. Everybody stood in queue that also in the order in which the names appeared in visa. Nobody was allowed to move here and there, there were allowed to break the queue only for toilet, no sight seeing nothing. This continued still they boarded theri bus. 

Lunch during the journey 

On the first day of their stay on the Chinese side at Kangma  they were accommodated in a three star hotel with attached bathrooms and hot water , afterwards it was simple aaccomodation  was  typical mud houses  only .

Rest  during the journey to enjoy nature

On the way they encountered sand dunes, snow covered peaks, lakes and the journey was interesting. Thus they travelled  for three days to reach Darchen the base cmp for Kailash Parikrama. 

Mr Singh in front of a  monument

Mr. Singh also experienced that spiritual experience that any pilgrim who visits Holy Kailash experiences.  He emotionally told that after the yatra I am not able to forget that bliss I experienced at Kailash. Whenever I am idle my mind  thinks about Kailash only and that wonderful experience which I can never forget. 

                                                                               Yatra continues .......


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