Thursday, April 02, 2015

Holy Yatra to the Abode of Lord Shiva -17

First Day's Parikrama - 2 

Darshan of the Sathyojatha(West) face of the Lord

Restaurant tents 

After trek for about 2 hrs we reached the second prostration point where one gets the darshan of the Sathyojata (West) face of the Lord. The signs of development are there here also. There are many restaurants serving Tibetan snacks where one can have tea and fill their falsk with hot water. One flask water costs one yuan. All of us took some rest here and had our lunch here. 

The face was first shrouded with cloud and slowly as if a curtain rises the cloud cover also cleared and we had a ethereal experience enjoying  the beauty of the Lord inch by inch.

  The Beauty of Nandi

The cloud cover is clearing slowly

 According to mythology this face is called as Satyojat which is facing west and  is white in color . Of the five elements this face represents earth. This face stands for creation, Of the five syllables this face stands for ‘Na’ . According to Tibetians this face shines like Ruby. All the other faces of Kailash are convex but this west face is concave.Lingothpavar,Umamahesar, Harihara, Ardhanari are aspects of this face.

  We stood at the feet of the Lord and thanked Him for this wonderful opportunity,  We recited the following mantra

Satyojatam paraptyami satypjayavai namo nama: |

 Bave bave nathibave shya maam bavoth bavaya nama: ||

Full view of the west face of the Lord 

As we were praying to the Lord one miracle happened there. A Garudan ( the mythical bird)  ared from no where and circled the lord thrice and vanished.  It's considered  that darshan of Garudan is auspicious. Along with the darshan of the Lord we had  the darshan of Garudan also.  

Our Co yatris  enjoying the beauty of the west face of the Lord