Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kailash Manasarovar darshan (yatra) - 24

Third Day of Prikrama of Manasarovar

18th day Bus travel from Quhu to Qihu ( Zaidi) 39 Km
Sunrise at Qihu

When we got up early in the morning the sight of Gurla Mandata ranges were astonishing, it had snowed the previous day night and the mountains looked as if it is covered with silver armor.

Gurla Mandata ranges covered with silver ice

After some time it also started raining heavily and it was hail storm, snow balls fell. Our L.O told that if the rain doesn’t stop we may have to stay at Quhu and then we will go straight from here to Taklakot giving a go by to Qihu, but we were also worried that this will put the other group in great discomfort. But luckily to the comfort of everybody the rain stopped after one hour . Thus we had a glimpse of the fickle nature of weather at these altitudes in the last leg of our Manasarovar parikrama.

When we left all the streams where running with swollen waters because of rains but the driver skillfully passed through them in between at many places we got down from the bus so as to facilitate the bus to cross these streams. In between we found at a place lot of stones as all the stones of Manasarovar are considered Shiva Lingam we collected some of them for worship, in some places the sand was green in color and at one place there was red sand , some of our yatris collected them as souvenir for taking them back home. We all had a Holy dip in the Manasarovar lake for the fourth time as the water was crystal clear in this stretch as there is no human inhabitation. We also saw and wondered about the mechanaism for fetching water from the lake to a Gompa situated high on the mountain. We also saw a wild horse running merrily in those rocky plains, our guide explained that the species is almost extinct because of hunting by the humans and we were lucky to sight one. By lunch we reached Zaidi.

In Qihu we stayed at the guest house built by the devotees of Swami Sithanantha of Paramartha Niketan Ashram at Risikesh ( The swami who conducts Ganga arthi at Rishikesh which is telecast in sanskar channel). We could see that many Chinese are also the disciples of this Swami and as a thanks giving gesture the Chinese Government has allowed displaying the photos of the Swami in all the rooms. The guest houses are modern but the problem of toilets is the same here also. We had a nice rest after lunch and ventured out to Manasarovar shore when we left the weather was clear but suddenly it turned worse and wind started flowing at a high velocity and the waves of Manasarovar rose like that of the seas and it also started raining we started running but as it was high altitude it was very very difficult to run so we all got drenched when we reached the camp. It was just a trailer shown by the Lord that how kind He had been to us during the whole yatra. We never faced any problem throughout the yatra on the Chinese side, it was a perfect journey with the fullest darshan of the Lord. We thanked the Lord for the same.

There is a Gompa situated on a hillock and there are also hot springs in Zaidi because of rains our plan of visiting these places got cancelled. Ganga Chu connecting Manasarovar and Rakshas Tal is also nearby one can visit that also. As the weather was foul we all retired early to our beds on the last day of Parikrama of Holy Manasarovar. Though the author went and sat at the Manasarovar lakes’s shore in the middle of the night covering himself in full blanket he was not lucky to have witnessed any stars bathing in the lake, that is the only thing author missed , may be he didn’t try full heartedly so that only he was not blessed with that divine experience.

The 18th day was the day of completion of Manasarovar parikrama by the grace of Shivsakthi.


Logan said...

Hi Kailashi,

No issues we will go together one more time ;-) for viewing stars bathing.

Kailashi said...

Yes, definitely,by the grace of teh Lord Of Kailash and Mother Parvati another chance will come.

Thank You Logan.