Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Holy Yatra to the Abode of Lord Shiva - 7


Zangmu from Nepal side

This time the cross over into Tibet after crossing the Friendship bridge across Bote Kosi River was smooth. There was no inordinate delay. Our Chinese guide was waiting for us with three buses and immediately we proceeded to Nayalam.


Kodari from the Chinese side

It was raining heavily on the Chinese side. There were many waterfalls all along the way. The mountains were emerald green in this part . The weather and the journey was pleasant the road asphalted and was smooth for a remote ghat road. That day we gained around 2000m.

Water falls on the Highway

The rest house where we stayed

Nayalam Pilgrims Inn was not like a typical mud house. It was two storied and had toilets and Wi-Fi facility. Also there where mandatory signs to attract European tourists. Also facilty was there was for hot water bathing using solar energy. It costed 30 Yuans for a steaming bath. Many of us took bath here.

A Super Market

Nayalam town has also changes a lot. There were many Hotels,Restaurants serving different cuisines, Super markets. Many of the shops had stock of the items needed for Kailash Yatra. Many of us made last minute purchases here, especially the walking sticks in Nayalam. But it was cold as usual and everybody needed heavy woolen clothing. 

One of the three buses in which we travelled

Evening prayer at Nayalam

Each room had multiple beds. There was a room with 12 beds in which we all assembled  in the evening and prayed to Lord Shiva for His darshan and successful completion of parikrama.

Trekking practice

On the rest day for acclimatization we had a trekking practice on the hillock opposite to the rest house.


Near the top of the hillock 

On the Top of the hillock 

It may sweat while climbing but one should not remove the sweater.  Also the head should also be covered always to protect from the biting cold. Some yatris didn't follow this and they faced problems. So wear the woolen clothing always. 

Aerial view of Nayalam town from the top

A flower on the hillock 


A highway with sparse traffic

Rest after a strenuous trek  

Typical room with 6 bed

                                                                                                                                                         The yatra continues . . . . . . . . . 

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