Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Holy Yatra to the Abode of Lord Shiva - 25

Conclusion of the yatra 

Sand dunes  

After a fine darshan and successful parikrama we returned to Kathmandu  ிby the same  Aranko highway. Speed restrictions were there on the return journey also. So it took three days to reach Kathmandu. On the first day we stayed at Old Dangpo and on the second day at Nylam.  

Source of Brahmaputra

The route we followed goes along the Brahmaputra one of teh four major rivers arising from the  Kailash  ranges.  This is the southern route. This was a unscheduled stop for time makeup. 

A quaint bridge across river Brahmaputra

Stay at Old Dongpa

Saga Town

At saga on the shores of Brahmaputra

Shi Sa pang Ma peaks 

During the onward journey we didn't stop at the important scenic spots like La lung La pass the highest place in this route , Shi Sa Pang Ma peaks the 8000m peak in Tibet  and Peiku Tso lake a massive salt water lake . On the return journey we stopped at those places and captured those moments in camera some of those shots for you. 

Peiku Tso lake

Clouds like Manasarovar and Rakshas Tal lake

Happy return journey  

La Lung La pass 

Fertile lands nearing Nylam 

A small Tibetan village surrounded by wheat fields

Concrete  road laying in progress in Nylam 

Some of us booked in helicopter for thee journey from Kodari the border town of Nepal to Kathmandu. It costs Rs 15000/- per person.We managed the booking via on line through a friend in Chennai. 

Kodari as seen from Tibet side

Ladies act as porters in theis border town of Kodari

Helicopter journey 

 First helicopter passengers

Second helicopter passengers

As Nepal is a mountainous country and is prone to land slides due to rain. They are dependent on helicopters and small planes for transportation. But due to inclement weather also some times accidents happen. They don't strictly adhere to safety  also. So many accidents happen here. We were lucky that we reached Kathmandu without any problem. 

The panoramic view from helicopter of the rice fields 

 Those who opted to trek the land slide also  didn't face much problem as jeeps were available as there was improvement in debris clearance. They also reached Kathmandu by the evening. 

View of Kathmandu from above. 

Thank you very much

The first thing we did on reaching Kathmandu and checking into the hotel is to have a nice bath. Later we visited Pasupathinath temple for thanks giving. . 

My sincere gratitude to those readers who followed the posts of the Holy Kailash manasarovar yatra so far. let the grace Shivsakthi be bestowed on all of you. We also performed the Muktinath Yatra  next. The details of that yatra will follow soon. 

ஓம் நமசிவாய 

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