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Kailash Yatra via Nathu La pass -1

Welcome to another episode of Kailash yatra. This time through the newly opened route of Nathu La Pass situated in the state of Sikkim. This route combines the advantages of both the earlier routes in which Indian citizens performed this Holy yatra. There is no  trekking needed except for Parikrama, which has to be performed by trekking or on ponies. AS proper spacing is given acclimatization .  is not a problem. Only constraint is the cost is more.   

The symbol of Sikkim tourism 
The eight auspicious items. 

This is the press release issued by Govt. of India about the new route.

2015 is a watershed year for the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra. For the first time since its resumption in 1981, the Yatra will be conducted through two routes. During External Affairs Minister’s visit to China from January 31 to February 3, 2015, the two sides formally exchanged notes on modalities for Yatra via Nathu La which has made it possible for Yatra to commence via Nathu La beginning June 18, 2015. 

Qutub Minar  Delhi

This new route does not involve trekking by foot except for the Kailash Parikarma. It would help many old age pilgrims to fulfill their desire to undertake the Kailash Manasarovar pilgrimage. This year the Yatra will be conducted during the period from June 8 to September 9, 2015. There will be 18 batches of 60 pilgrims each on the existing route through Lipulekh Pass in Uttrakhand. Five batches of 50 Yatris each will be able to utilize the newly opened route via Nathu La in Sikkim.

ISKCON Temple  

Bahai temple 


STAY IN DELHI  First arrival of yatris in Delhi. Medical at ITBP. MEA Briefing; Pay fees; Collect Visa; Foreign Exchange.

 1 Delhi   To Gangtok via Bagdogra  (by air)   1600m  

2 Gangtok  To 15th Mile                                   3050m 

 3 15th Mile Stay  for  Acclimatization  

 4 15th Mile  To  Sherathang                             4115m 

5 Sherathang Stay Acclimatization  Medical test

 6-1 Sherathang Kangma via Nathu La (4176m) Immigration/Customs  ( 6-1: 6th day of yatra 1st day in China) 

 7-2 Kangma   To  Lazi -                                    4053m 

 8-3 Lazi   To  Zhongba -                                    4728m 

 9-4 Zhongba  To  Darchen                                4670m 

10-5 Darchen  To  Qugu Manasarovar Parikrama 4620m 

11-6 Qugu Stay at  Manasarovar  Shores              

 12-7 Qugu  To  Deraphuk via Darchen, Yam Dwar   On 1st day of  Kailash Parikrama      5060m

 13-8 Deraphuk  To Zunzhui Pu via Dolma Pass  On 2nd day of  Kailash Parikrama 4780m

 14-9 Zunzhui Pu   To  Zhongba 

 15-10 Zhongba   To  Lazi 

 16-11 Lazi  To Kangma 

 17 Kangma  To  Sherathang via Nathu La 

 18 Sherathang   To Gangtok 

 19 Gangtok Delhi via Bagdogra. ( The yatri have the choice to return to His place from Gangtok itself if they desire) 

Briefing by I.T.B.P 

                                                               Briefing by MEA offcials 

These photos were taken during their stay at Delhi. 

Shri Nageshwar Singh who successfuly completed the yatra

He left from Chennai on 31.07.2015 to Delhi and stayed there for three days for Medical test and then after clearing the Medical test completed other formalities like Visa, submission of Affidavits, and foreign exchange conversion. They were also briefed by the officials of the  Ministry of External affairs and left to Bagdogra on 04.08.2015 and from there by bus reached Gangtok the capital of Sikkim. The yatra was co-ordinated by Sikkim tourism. 

Yatra to be continued . . . . . . 


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