Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kailash Manasarovar Darshan (yatra)-7


Delhi Govt's Thirth Yatra Committe presenting bag to all yatris

Thirth yatra committee chairman Shri Shiv Sharma

and our L.O Bonal with the author

As medical examination was over and those who can undertake the yatra eas known, the third day was a day of joy for those selected and a day of despair for those were left out. This day mainly we spent on making the final preperation for the holy journey.

The lucky yatris

On the third day morning we were taken to North block, for a briefing. by Ministry of external affairs, there the joint secretary assured that every help will be extended by the Government to make the yatra a success and they also showed a video clip about the yatra and its route for the first time we had an idea of the real conditions in which we will be undertaking the yatra. From their side they also advised the yatris to be careful in taking photographs on the Chinese side and be careful while shopping . Some yatris landed in trouble when they photographed buildings in Taklakot, also some other yatri while shopping touched a computer which fell down and broke the shop keeper lodged a police complaint and with great effort L.O could manage to get the complaint withdrawn. As on the Chinese side any problem happens diplomatic efforts are also required so they requested us to be extra careful. Also they requested us not to talk about Dalai Lama on the other side and requested us to deposit our film rolls and memory chip at Nabidang so they will not fall into Chinese hands. Our Indemnity bonds were collected and we paid the remaining amount due to KMVN. Our passports were returned back to us there was no endorsement was there as only group visa was issued by Chinese Government.

The yatris dancing in ecstacy that they got the chance for darshan

After lunch we went to Chandni chowk for shopping. All the common items required like food items, packing materials including fertilizer sacks and pooja articles, havan articles, chlorine tablets , small gifts as token of remembrance to ITBP personnel were bought in Delhi from common fund. The individuals also bought the items required for them.

Pooja to Lord Shiva for a good darshan

In the evening "Thirtha yatra committee of Delhi Government" hosted a reception to the yatris in which the bag was gifted to all the yatris. The residents of Delhi were given an financial assistance of Rs. 20,000/- . Similarly Gujarat Government gives Rs 30,000/- and also a kit containing essential items to their residents, other state Governments do not provide any assistance to the yatris. The president of the committee wished all a successful yatra and also asked us to witness the spectacle of celestials bathing in Manasarovar in the form of stars, he read out a letter written by an yatri who undertook the yatra last year. We had a pooja to pray to Lord Shiva for a good darshan followed by dinner. Later we started packing the common items in secure water proof package which extended up to midnight and went for a nap with the satisfaction that the D day has arrived and we are ready to travel for the darshan of Lord and Mother in few hours.

The yatra continues............

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