Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kailash Yatra 2011 - 8

Continuing with the parikrama which started from Yamadwar the yari's trek along La Chu River and first they have the darshan of West face of the Lord also known as Satyojat. Then as Holy Kailsh resembles a pyramid with four faces they get the combined darshan of both the west and north faces.

View of Nandhi in front of West face

Combined view of west and North faces of the Lord Shiva

You can see the snake hood atop the north face of the Lord

North face of the Lord

(Flanked by Avalokeswara and vajrapani)

On the second day of the parikrama (16-05-2011) the yatri's should have trekked to Dolma pass but as there was heavy snow the tour operator discouraged them and so the yatris did not continue the parikrama but returned from Deraphuk camp. But before returning they had the magnificient view of the Lord in different hues. You also have that darshan.

Early morning view of Mount Kailash

See the golden hue of the Lord

A rare sight indeed

Blessed are the ones who get to see have this darshan

As the sun rises the color of the Lord also changes at the dawn every day this takesplace first it is pink and then red then it turns golden and then to the usual white. You are witnessing this grand spectacle as seen by Mr.Ravi.

The North face is known as Vamadev and according to legend this face is facing North on the left shoulder, is akin to a beautiful lady face, very fair and white hued. This face represents water in five elememts and stands for sustenance . Out of the five syllables this face represents ‘Ma’. This face shines like Gold. Kangalar, chakratharar, Sandesa anugrahar, Ekapathar are the easpects of this face. Normally Kailash means we remember this face only because we always get a clear view of this face easily. We can see the snake hood of the Lord ( the ornaments of Lord Shiva is Snake) and Shiv Shakthi as two projections and their eyes and nose in this face.

Mr Ravi in front of Lord

The Deraphuk camp is situated ajust opposite of the Vamadevaface and the yatris can have the darshan of this face to their heart's content. This is by for the clear face which the yatri's get to see clearly the wather permitting.

The yatris trekked back to Darchen base camp the same day.

Yatra continues.........

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