Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 -11

Jangmu to Nylam 

The highway from Jangmu to Nylam 
(Upto Darchen the road was like this)

After some delay at Janmu we left for Nylam another town nearby. Actually we should have reached this place yesterday itself instead we halted at Jangmu because of paucity of accommodation. As the season has just begun after snow we observed that lot of construction work was taking place in this town.    

Winding ghat road
A tunnel on the way

In contrast  to the other section  the traffic here was very less, almost free. Occasionally we encountered some vehicle and the driver merrily drove the vehicle at top speed. At the start itself each one of us was provided with two bottles  of Mineral water for the day.


A water fall

We found that they have taken adequate precautions to prevent land slide by way of strengthening the walls, fences and proper drainage system for water flow. on both sides we saw snow covered peaks. 

                                                                                        Our group in the bus          

Though the distance between Jangmu and Nylam is only 35 Km but we have gained 1400 m . The road was a typical ghat road on the banks of river with lot of ups and downs and hair pin bends.  Nearing Nylam we stopped at a view point to enjoy the beauty of  snow covered Pancham Peaks.

A Hairpin bend 

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