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Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 -8

                                                              Kathmandu to Kodari

After one day's rest at Kathmandu which we utilized for a tour of the capital of  Nepal, on 31/05/2012 early morning we  travelled by bus to the border town Kodari. The bus reached the hotel around 4:30 A.M and  we travelled  on the  Aranika Raj Marg, the 114 KM  highway built in 1963-64 with aid from China and converted into a two way road with the aid from Japan. Upto Dhulkhel the road was very good we had the darshan of 143 m Lord Shiva statue at Dhulikhel. The scene was mesmerizing at  the crack of  dawn on that day.     

We travelled along the banks of Kosi River
The highway was  along the  banks of Kosi river and  crossed many villages in between after Dhulikhel the journey was bumpy. The mountain peaks were lined with clouds and the greenery in the form of tall trees was refreshing and around the villages there were fertile fields. Mountains are there allover the world but Himalayas have their own majesty and charm, and each part of the mighty Himalayas have their own beauty, here we enjoyed the beauty of the Himalayas of Nepal. Most of the   peaks above 8000 Meter  are in Nepal.   On the way there were numerous  waterfalls and confluences all along the course of the river.

 Beautiful  cloud covered mountain peaks

After about two hours journey we reached the beautiful Palanchowk valley and crossed the Dolaghat town, many travel operators arrange for river water rafting in the rapids of Kosi River in this town. It rained in between. As the road was not good the journey progressed slowly. We enjoyed the beauty of the changing landscape.

Rain in between

All along the journey there were  checked by the  black uniformed special police of Nepal at regular intervals. At one point all our luggage and passports were also checked.  When we enquired  our Sherpas about this,  they  reasoned  that so much checking is being done to prevent  smuggling to China, especially Sandalwood. Naturally so much checks delayed our journey also. During monsoon season this part is prone to landslides but as we travelled in May there was no problem.

Stay for a cup of tea

In between we stopped at a village called Zero Kilo and had a cup of tea  and enjoyed the beauty of the mountains on the both the sides. The place is desolated and the villages are dotted in between. Slowly the journey progressed as the road condition was bad .

Waterfalls and confluences everywhere

After that we crossed the bridge at a place called Barbise from where Bungy jumping is done. The Nepal Government has built lot of checkdams along the course of the Kosi River and utilize this water for electricity generation we saw  a number of small hydro electric generation units along the way. In the fag end of the jouney we crossed the Palping bridge and entered Sindpalchowk Distict in which Kodari town is situated. The Totapani hot springs are situated near Kodari town.   

Beauty of mountains

 Green carpeted mountain tops 
Typical  village of Nepal 

Two trucks with all the cooking and utility items needed for the remaining days of the yatra accompanied us. Rice, wheat flour, milk powder, sugar, edble oil, water bottles, bread, cooking utensils, LPG gas cylinders, snacks, vegetable and fruits, plate, glass all are purchased in Kathmandu by the tour operator and sent along with us . Normally the Sherpas sleep in these trucks. As the plate and glass is carried by them, there is no need to carry plate individually. All our luggage are also transported in these trucks.  

A hydro electric station

After a slow journey  of about 4 hours along the winding ghat road,  we reached Kodari the border town of Nepal from where we will cross over into  Tibet Autonomous region of China for the darshan of Holy Kailash and Manasarovar.

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