Friday, June 07, 2013

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 - 20

Old Dangbo

The guest house 


Reshmi Mahajan

 Manish Kumar, Kailash Kaushik, Satish Kaushik

Hot water at early morning

Sun bath by Himansu, Gupta &
Eti Agrawal

A nearby shop 

To Manasarovar

Sand dunes on the way

Electrified village in this remote place

Tyre repair at Prayang 

Prayang Town

On the sixth day of the yatra we woke up early with the excitement that we will be getting the first darshan of the Lord. We saw that the Guest house where we stayed was situated at the foot  hills of a mountain. Except for this and a nearby shop and some mud houses  there was absolutely nothing in this village. Later we came to know that there is a village nearby called New Dongba and most of the people reside there. Only during the Kailash yatra some body stay here. This tiny village has also been powered with solar lights.

We completed our morning chores, our sherpas provided us with hot water as the weather was very cold.  Later we left for Hore a small town on the shores of Holy Manasarovar Lake. The landscape has changed and it is a desert lined on both sides by snow covered peaks. Today we saw many sand dunes and sand storms were a norm. On the way we repaired one tyre of bus which got punctured, this was the only time  we had some problem as far as vehicle is considered.

Prayang is a better town, earlier when the road was bad yatris used to stay here after Saga and then leave for Hore the next day, by travelling from Nylam to Dongba and then to Hore we saved one day.  Without much difficulty we reached Hore. 

Are you eager to know how the first darshan was, please wait for the next post.

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