Monday, April 13, 2015

Holy Yatra to the Abode of Lord Shiva - 24

Back to Tokchen 

Darchen at dawn

Golden hued Lord's Darshan 


Closeup view of south face from Darchen  shrouded by clouds 

From Darchen only the top portion  of the south face of teh Lord is visible. This is a close up view highlighting the face of teh Lord. If you see intently you can visualize the  three  eyes brows and the mouth. 

Full view bereft of clouds

While travelling from Tokchen  also we got he full darshan of the Lord while going back also we got the darshan  in the reverse order. As we were leaving the Lord we have to turn back and see him with gratitude we did so and had a nice darshan. Clouds came and shrouded for some time and then it cleared  this seemed to us that the Lord was playing hide and seek game with us the ardent devotees of HIM. 

South face and the east face extension

Full view of south est face with extension and Ganesha

Magnificent view of the Lord

As we approached Tokchen on the banks of Manasarovar where the administrative building and the parking area is  situated. We get the panoramic view. One can see the changing colors of other mountains and pure white Kailsh Peak soaring above as if  King and queen are seated in their majestic throne. 

Now the east face also visible 

This was the first darshan of this yatra at the conclusion also we got the same wonderful darshan 

 Gurla Mandata ranges and Manasarovar

After  a very good darshan of almost all the faces of the Lord and the nice kora by some yatris we reached Tokchen. There we profusely thanked Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati for their benevolence in inviting us to their home and giving their graceful darshan. Only one thing we missed was Astapath and the closer view of the Lord from there. Our guides told that the Chinese Gove has banned  vehicles now and so it is not possible to go there.   Not knowing when one will another chance we stood there in silence and absorbed all the vibrations from the Lord. Time stood still for some time. Then we sang some hymns thanked the Lord and prostrated before Him. Left home bu the bus we travelled from friendship bridge.  

Administrative  building and parking space at Tokchen 

The lucky seven who completed the parikrama by the Grace of the Lord

Rendering holy Tamil hymns 

We travelled in the blue bus you see in the photo from Tokchen  circumbulating and having  Holy bath in   Manasarovar  reached Darchen stayed there and completed the parikrama and returned back from Darchen to Tokchen by the same bus. Nowadays only Tibetan Transport  company buses are allowed and other vehicles are parked here only.  With happiness we profusely thanked the Lord and Mother and started our journey back home. 

The holy yatra continues . . . . . .

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