Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra -2012 - 30

Manasarovar from Chiu Gompa Hill

 The marvelous view of Manasarovar from the summit of hillock

Enjoy the different hues of blue in the waters of Manas 

Himansu on the Hill

Pankaj Gupta


Snow fall at Manasarovar

Manasarovar after overnight snow fall

Snow here 

Snow there 

Snow everywhere

Silver coated mountain


Look below

The name is in Tamil
Sundar , the Ace photographer who took most of the beautiful pictures

Enjoying the snow fall

 Nisha Pandey

Yagyang Pandey with walking stick

(  Light weight, fold able metal walking stick which we purchsed in Nylam for 7 Yuans) 

Vijay Kumar Mahajan

Rashmi Mahajan

( In spite of snow, raring to undertake the parikrama)

On the way to Darchen

On both sides of the road it was filled with snow

After a very satisfying day on which we had the Holy bath in frozen Manasarovar and performed the Homams we rested for the day in Manasarovar itself. But somehow no had a proper sleep may be the anxiety whether we will be able to perform the parkrama, but when we got up early in the morning only we realized the  real reason. It  had snowed heavily overnight and may be this the temperature would have dropped so we were not able to sleep.

The view outside was marvellous, everywhere it was a white carpet, on the mountains over the vehicles, on the roof top and we had another  darshan of Manasarovar, we thought may be this is a precursor for the days to come, from here we are  going to ascend only.

This created some confusion in some  yatri's mind whether to do the parikrama or not they were in a dilemma. Ultimately except those who are sick all others opted for performing the parikrama. As the girl Eti was ill, her mother also dropped out, six more yatris decided to stay back at Darchen. One thing I have to mention about Et, as she was only 14  years old may be she was not able to cope up with high altitude and fell sick, it's advisable that those above 18 years of age and those below 70 years plan for this yatra.      

 Then we left for Darchen and on both the sides of road it was filled with tonnes and tonnes of snow. It was also cloudy and it was snowing though not heavily. We sang bhajans and prayed to Lord that He  should  permit us to do the parikrama. Later the snowing stopped and slowly the sky opened up and when we reached Darchen it was a full sun shine.  Those who wished to stay at Darchen were accommodated in a Guest house there at 200 Yuan per day rent and they stayed for three days there. Otheres left for Astapath to have the  close darshan of the South face of the Lord.

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