Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mukthinath Yatra - 7

Back to Pokhra 

Normally all the groups performing the Muktinath yatra face some difficulty or the other. Our group also faced the same on this day of return from Jomsom to Pokhra. At the appointed time of 5.30 in the morning some of the group members reached Jomsom airport. But nobody was there at the airline’s counter. We didn’t know what to do there was nobody to turn to. 

  A Buddhist Monastery 

A village  on the way 

A peak of Daulagiri ranges 

Buck wheat fields 

View of  valley from above 

Panaromic view of a River 

A small plane on flight 

Pokhra Airport 

  Map of Nepal out of flowers 

Bird'd eye view of Phewa Lake 

After 9’0 clock some staff came and told that the aircraft has gone to Kathmandu for inspection so the flights are cancelled and will resume only when the aircraft  there was uncertainity whether we will be able to return back that day. After some time the flight cameback and two sorties took palce. After our repeated requests the airlines arranged tickets in other airlines so most of us could return to Pokhra. But 8 pilgrims were stuck at Jomsom that day

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