Saturday, April 11, 2015

Holy Yatra to the Abode of Lord Shiva - 22

Third Day's Kora

Successful completion of Kora 

 Mr. Elangovan with pony boy at Zhutulphuk camp

 This little boy handled the pony for the three days of the parikrama. 

Double width parikrama route

As we have to reach Dongpa that day we started early from Zhutulphuk. The path was almost plain and it was motorable mud path and third day's parikrama is the easiest one so nobody faced any problem enroute. The path follows Zong Chu river.  Ambulance and army recovery vehicles regularly patrol in the route now and many local Tibetans travel in two wheeler in the route. 

This tiny tot is also performing kora with her mother

As this was the Chinese year of Horse there were many local Tibetans, here you  see a child along with her mother. Some of them slept in the sleeping tents which they carry. Some slept in the open and continued the parikrama. They perform the kora easily as they habituated to this climate. 

A cairn decorated with flags

There are many holy placed all along the route with foot  prints and other sacred points  with cairns decorated with prayer flags. As the crowd was more littering also more this time, plastic water bottles, cool drink cans, snacks covers were strewn all along the parikrama route, it will need mammoth effort to clean this tonnes of garbage.  

The name boards are in the local languages only now may be in future they will add English also so that we can also appreciate .

Mani Stones 

At many placed we found the Mani stones also in which the Holy Mantra " OM Mani Padme Hum" is engraved. We found one sculptor engraving the  mantra on the stones, many Tibetans   bought the stone and submitted the same at these places.  

Muruganandam                                                       Kumarasamy 

Dakini Dancing ground 

At the last part of the trek  there is a flat area close to Zong Chu called Dakini Dancing Ground. Above the path is Transger Trangmar, aslope with golden and red sand, where KIng Gesar shot a drong, a wild Yak,the blood staines the golden sand red. There are also sands of other colors namely green and black, brown . many Pilgrims carry these clored sand to their homes. 

A new path under construction on the other side of river 

On the other side of the river a new path is being laid in which heavy vehicles can also ply. A bridge across the Zong Chu river is also under construction. Military rescue vehicle and Ambulance also patrol on the parikrama route. 

Enchanting panaromic view of Barkha plains

From  up above the  hills one gets the panaromic view of Gurla Mandata ranges and Rakshas Tal and the Baraka plains. 

 The dog waiting for us

The dog is the mount of Bairava, the fierce form of Lord Shiva. This dog accompanied us on all the three days during the parikrama. It was as if Lord SHiva has himself sent this dog to protect us. We all felt that the merciful Lord Shiva was protecting us all along teh parikrama.  

Zongdo ( 4th Prostration point)

Jagadeesan and Muruganandam

Elangovan, KUkaswamy and Muruganandam

Along with pony handlers. 

The Lucky seven  

 It is believed that any thing is possible by the grace of God only, so the seven could also complete the parikrama against the odds b the grace of Shiva sakthi. The seven yatris are Jagadeesan, Elangovan, Kumaraswamy, the author, Senthil, Sekar and Revathy couple.   Later they all reached Darchen by bus thus completing the parikrama.